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greyhound review

The NSW State Government is currently undertaking a Statutory Review of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017. This is our opportunity to provide feedback on behalf of all greyhounds used in NSW racing. This includes greyhounds who are currently racing or retained for breeding and those deemed no longer viable or profitable by the racing industry. Submissions can be made up until 11:59 PM on Wednesday 2 September 2020.

To voice your concerns about the failures of the Act and the inadequacy of government arrangements presently in place, add your name below. You can tailor your submission to have a greater personal impact.

Greyhound racing is founded on the exploitation of greyhounds for personal profit, human entertainment and gambling. The greyhound industry is inherently exploitative and exhibits a deeply rooted culture of systemically cruel behaviour. This is amply reflected by an industry which has proven itself structurally incapable of embracing meaningful change or reform. The NSW Greyhound Racing Industry contributes to the ongoing suffering and death of thousands of greyhounds annually, facilitates problem gambling, and wastes millions of dollars of public money to prop up what is an obviously unsustainable, cruel, and exploitative industry.

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  1. Grey Hound dogs are kept in small cages all day when not running .they ARE not treated like a dog that matters .and deserving of love and affection from a owner treated as a companion .dogs are highly intelligent and our best friend .Stop the cruel grey hound racing and get these animal of the race. Tracks where they are often injured and discarded as trash STOP THIS RACING ON TRACKS .WITH PEOPLE BETTING ON THEIR LIVES FOR FUN AND MONEY

  2. The greyhound racing industry cannot be justified when weighing up the cruelty to the dogs and to the small animals used to train the dogs to run when they don’t want to.

    Not enough dogs can be rejoined and it is clear that the industry has no intent to look after all the dogs they breed. Stop exporting them.

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