Speak Up to Protect the Welfare of NSW Greyhounds

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The NSW State Government has established a Legislative Council Select Committee to inquire into and report on the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC), as the independent regulator of the greyhound racing industry in NSW. The Select Committee has now called for public feedback in response to the Committee’s Terms of Reference (TOR).

Responses are now due by 11:59 PM, Friday 29 January 2021.

Public feedback can be lodged three ways and you can participate using 1, 2 or all 3 of the following options.

1) Sign the Petition

Click here to view and add your name to Animal Liberation’s petition which will be included with Animal Liberation’s primary submission to the Select Committee. 

2) Answer the Online Questionnaire

The Select Committee’s Online Questionnaire contains 11 questions. Animal Liberation has drafted suggested responses in response to the 11 questions and can be accessed by clicking on “I want to answer the questionnaire”. Please ensure you personalise your responses to strengthen your submission. The questionnaire can be found here.

3) Write a Personal Submission

The Select Committee has stipulated it will not accept “proformas”, so in this instance we have not provided a public submission guide, as it could potentially be rejected by the Committee where individuals do not personalise and tailor their submission. 

Personal submissions are very powerful and we would strongly encourage people to compile and lodge individual submissions in response to the Terms of Reference. Including any directly related experiences you may have had will also ensure your submissions carries greater weight and a stronger personal impact. To assist you, you can view related greyhound racing industry information on Animal Liberation’s website here. Submissions by individuals or organisations can be lodged here.


The Greyhound Racing Industry has never been and will never be a safe environment for greyhounds. Between 1st January and 30th September, 173 greyhounds have died in track-related incidents and 8,159 have suffered injuries. GRNSW has still not established any whole of life tracking program for NSW greyhounds, and there are no capped limits on breeding.

The ongoing racing and trialling of greyhounds all over Australia and across NSW continues to result in totally unacceptable levels of injuries and fatalities, either on track or subsequently because of the severity or nature of the injury, or that they are not performing and are no longer considered ‘viable’.

Following the damning findings and report by the Special Commission of Inquiry into the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry, and the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel, GWIC was established as part of the NSW State Government’s reforms and included the introduction of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017. To minimise the inherent conflict of interest relating to welfare and integrity matters under the industry’s commercial entity, Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW), the establishment of GWIC included the important separation of the commercial and regulatory functions, including the welfare of greyhounds.

To protect and improve the welfare of greyhounds in the greyhound racing industry, and the integrity of the industry, it is vital that GWIC continues with an enhanced level of independence, powers and resources and is supported by a new Government secured funding model. A return to the previous welfare and integrity arrangements and responsibilities under GRNSW rather than GWIC would result in a substantial reduction in greyhound welfare, and would be detrimental to the integrity of the industry.