Stop Hunting Kangaroo in Texas

Stop hunting kangaroos

Ox Ranch Texas has canned – animals in confined spaces unable to escape – hunting of kangaroos, emus and more than 60 other species. This vanity hunting establishment permits the use of bow and arrows, rifles and pistols. They encourage hunting of kangaroos on their property all year round and also plan to breed them for “pet” food.

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Australia has a disgraceful and dichotomous relationship with kangaroos.  Under Australian law, kangaroos are a protected species, however, this offers them no actual protection. Australia currently holds the infamous title for being responsible for the largest slaughter of land-based wildlife (kangaroos) in the world. Estimates of population numbers are continually inflated to justify their slaughter. Hunters and farmers are permitted to shoot them in their tens of thousands for a profit and slam joeys against truck doors to kill them because they have no financial value. We have lost more than a billion animals during the bushfires and yet regions in Australia still permit their killing for profit. This is simply unacceptable.

We also have a second petition to stop the kangaroo cull in Australia.

Together, we are urging the Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, to lobby the United States to ban the recreational hunting of kangaroos and emus in Texas. We are also asking her to condemn the breeding kangaroos in Texas for the purpose of “pet” food.