SUBMISSION: NSW Animal Welfare Issues Paper

animal welfare

The NSW Department of Primary Industries is responsible for protecting the welfare of animals. They claim that this is “a priority” of their recently released Issues Paper (PDF).

The Department is welcoming feedback from all members of the community about a range of issues. This is your opportunity to help animals at the legislative level.

It is currently in the consultation process, where participants, industry stakeholders and the general public are able to provide feedback.

We need you to send in a submission to make it clear to the Department that existing legislation is inadequate, inconsistent and inherently flawed.

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: 11:55pm 21st June 2020.


  1. The existing legislation is inadequate, inconsistent and inherently flawed.
    We should not be treating our sentient animals in factory farms in such horrific ways and conditions

  2. Currently, primary industries remain openly lacking in transparency about animal welfare issues.
    In so many cases of animal abuse, cruelty and neglect footage that has been gained either by legal or illegal purposes demonstrates poor practise by those within the animal agricultural industry and by those leading in our government who turn a blind eye to the truth often because of the monetary gain to our economy or because of a political stance.

    We must all open our eyes, ears and heart to the realities of what would be abuse and illegal to a dog or cat but what is accepted to animals intensively farmed in mammoth populations.
    There is a difference and the evidence is damning against the perpetrators if we look further.

  3. I am writing to you regarding the issues around the animals legislation laws. Animals legislations are often inconsistent and lack full attention. Animals rights are just as important and need to be looked into. The main point of an animal welfare act is to take care of an animals physical and mental needs. This is lacked especially to farm animals that in most cases live in poor conditions and not treated right as shown in most cases. Additionally animals that are used for fur, food, research purposes and so on are not treated right and is unethical. In the animals welfare act there is not much protection for those animals used for fur. All animals must be protected, this would be an ethical way to live and support the animals.

    Thank you for your time

  4. Existing legislation is an absolute joke. The animal agricultural industry is rife with cruel practices.

  5. It doesn’t matter how rich intelligent powerful or talented you are the way you treat animals tells me all I need to know about you

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