SUBMISSION: NSW Animal Welfare Issues Paper

animal welfare

The NSW Department of Primary Industries is responsible for protecting the welfare of animals. They claim that this is “a priority” of their recently released Issues Paper (PDF).

The Department is welcoming feedback from all members of the community about a range of issues. This is your opportunity to help animals at the legislative level.

The goal of this stage is to help determine what NSW’s animal welfare laws should look like – considering things like what is allowed and what is prohibited, what inspectors can and cannot do, and what the penalties are for breaking the law.

This is our chance to demand animals be recognised as sentient beings and speak out against legalised cruelty. It’s time to end sow stalls, battery cages, debeaking, dehorning, tail cutting, teeth clipping, and all other horrendous practices.

It is currently in the consultation process, where participants, industry stakeholders and the general public are able to provide feedback.

We need you to send in a submission to make it clear to the Department that existing legislation is inadequate, inconsistent and inherently flawed.

If you have time, please alter the template text to have more of an impact! Our friends at the Animal Defenders Office have put together some tips on what you can write about (here PDF).

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: 11:55pm 21st June 2020.