Submission: Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity conservation act koala

Australians have been given the opportunity to lodge a submission to the 10-year review of Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act .

Australia has an appalling record in how we manage the environment, which has resulted in the loss of native flora and fauna. Our current trajectory and the rapidly increasing number of vulnerable, threatened, and endangered species, is leading us on a path of permanent destruction. Non-humans and humans all depend on a healthy, functioning environment for survival. This includes high quality land, air, water, and marine habitats. The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act is failing to deliver its objectives; is not being administered as intended; and is not sufficient to address Australia’s current and future environmental challenges.

Unfortunately, the preferred method for sending in submissions is via the Governments online platform. We have tried to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Submissions are due by 5pm (AEST) Friday 17 April 2020.


  1. OPTIONAL – if you would like more details, you can read the discussion paper for the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act here.
  2. Download Animal Liberation’s Submission Template (Word Doc). We recommend altering the submission to have a greater impact.
  3. Click here to lodge your submission. Upload your submission as an attachment (number 7) or fill out the questions.
  4. Done! Thank you for speaking up for Australia’s native wildlife and the environment.


  1. Who is responsible for putting 1080 baits is disgusting.
    It is inconceivable that poisoning of our precious wild life is allowed.
    All animals are affected for god sake please stop this insane practice.
    We need tough strong guide lines that protect our native animals.

  2. After the fires comes the 1080 poisoned baits and the aerial shooting by Parks and Wildlife. Barbaric and cruel and completely unacceptable.

  3. Too much damage has been done the last 200 years, without any consideration of the impact. It’s time the habitat is protected not only for the wildlife but also for us as humans. We won’t be able to stop developments but it must be done in a way where habitat and wildlife are not wiped out for the sake of greed, power and $$$$. If we lose our wildlife, natural vegetation and our natural resources…they will disappear forever.
    Don’t sell off Australia, act and protect it now.

  4. This summer 2019 – 2020 has seen two thirds of native wildlife habitat destroyed down the east coast of Australia. We cannot allow this to continue to happen. This beautiful bush and wildlife habitat may never recover, so we need to make changes now and listen to our environmental researchers and the original owners of this land our native aboriginal people for advice. We can’t afford to make any more mistakes. Our wildlife and environment needs us to protect them.

  5. Sytems ,currently in place are biased in favour of commercial interests,those protections ,that do exist are neither complianced nor prosecuted,if they are it is ,an Ambulance chasing scenario…..The damage is done,usually irrevocable ,and unmitigatable ,no amount of financial compensation will re-stand 150yr old vegetation,no will it reverse the extinction path ,that is already on track for many species of nocturnal/diurnal,australian native wildlife,,immediate and urgent ,review of laws ,to enhance recovery of already fractured and unsustainable landscapes and human activities within them ,ie,Hunting,feral animal control,1080 poison baiting….With the current ,environmental circumstances which have degraded habitat ,Drought ,Holocaust type fires….The recovery of species and bio -diversity ,in the ,National Parks /Forest areas must be made sacrosanct and have moratoriums placed upon ,further logging/land modification,until such time as there are on-ground real time studies and surveys conducted on all biota ,organisms which are remaining /Projections,assumptions of possible populations remaining must be ground proofed….a National oversight body must be created .

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