Submission: Greyhound Welfare Code

greyhound welfare

Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission’s draft of the proposed NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice (Code). The goal of the Code (PDF) is to “drive long term improvements in animal welfare in the NSW greyhound racing industry”.

It is currently in the consultation process, where participants, industry stakeholders and the general public are able to provide feedback.

We need you to send in a submission to make it clear to the NSW State Government that this code is inadequate and inconsistent to the state purpose of the ‘welfare for greyhounds’.

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: 11:59pm 14th APRIL 2020.


  1. Horrendous, cruel, too many Deaths & injuries. 4 Corners showed us the truth & our State Governments are weak, they bow to the corrupt & cruel people. The owner/trainers the gambling public…it is all about winning Votes..nothing moe. No one cares about the Dogs suffering & horrible life…they don’t Vote !!!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback to the draft Code of welfare for greyhounds in NSW.

    Have reviewed the NSW draft code, I have serious reservations about the draft Code content and find the Code inadequate and inconsistent to the stated purpose of the ‘welfare for greyhounds’.

    The Code in its current format does not meet my expectations as a member of the public about how we care for and protect greyhounds irrespective of whether they are still racing or have been retained for breeding purposes.

    The draft Code is inadequate and will not protect the welfare needs of NSW greyhounds or meet public expectations.

  3. After extensive research into the race industry I was saddened to learn the exploration that is taking place of these beautiful creatures.

    Where there is money involved morals unfortunately go out the window and these animals are simply a number, who are only useful when winning people money. What happens when they stop winning races?? There simply are not enough homes to keep up with the scale of dogs being bred.

    I have since rescued two greyhounds who are the gentlest most affectionate dogs. And it is evident how psychologically sensitive this breed is, they are certainly not fit to be used as a commodity, I can only imagine the trauma this would result in. In fact one of our greyhounds suffers from post traumatic stress, so who knows how he was treated in the past,
    but from his behaviour and fear of men one can only guess what kind of treatment he may have been subjected to.

    I hope that we can someday find entertainment not at the expense of animals and let’s not kid ourselves- live baiting is still taking place, people will do anything for money, and this being at the expense of animals is not good enough.

    People are beginning to realise this and I have no doubt this industry will one day not exist. I hope we soon see some true leadership which shuts this industry down and paves a kinder future for the animals involved.

  4. The proposed NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice (Code) is inadequate and inconsistent to the state purpose of the ‘welfare for greyhounds’.

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