The Fight For Animal Rights Will Continue.

calf laying down

This is what happens when fascists are challenged.

Animal Liberation has been advocating for animal rights for 43 years. This includes showcasing aspects of Australia’s animal welfare standards, countless exposés, sit-ins, and community outreach events. Our efforts are becoming increasingly censored, with new laws designed to stop us from speaking out.

The Australian Government is allowing and abetting these industries to operate in total secrecy. Together, they have coined terms to hide behind, like “humane”, “ethical”, and “free-range”. These words are regularly used without any legal need to show consumers what they are supporting. Recently, the Federal Government acted to further suppress our message, passing an amendment to the criminal code. This created new federal offences for inciting trespass, theft and damage on Australian farms. It can now even be illegal to post footage from inside farms.

As a society, we should be able to trust our government and these industries to operate fairly and with transparency – but we are repeatedly lied to and led astray. We are told that animal farmers love their animals and care about their welfare. But we pose the question, if they are so proud of what they do, then why won’t they show us these practices for themselves? Why is it left up activists to show what a maceration machine looks like for male chicks or the pain involved in the process of “dehorning” and mulesing? 

Animal Liberation exists to create transparency.

Animal welfare issues are of public interest because the majority of Australians care about animals and what happens to them. Consumers have a right to know exactly what animals are being subjected to in our food system and what their money is supporting. This means they must be given a complete picture of these industries – from breeding to slaughter. 

Whistleblowers, activists, and animal rights groups are the reason consumers can somewhat experience what it is like to be an animal born in the animal agriculture industry. Consumers can see inside the sow-stalls and battery cages. They can hear the screams of babies as they undergo legalised mutilation without pain relief. They can witness the bludgeoning of calves and the smashing of piglets skulls against concrete floors. They can almost feel the fear of animals as they are forced into knock-boxes and gas chambers. Without us, people would still think that animals live on lush paddocks and walk willingly to their death.

Yet, we, the vegans and the activists, are the ones being punished. Rather than correcting the practices and punishing those who are perpetuating animal cruelty, those fighting for a kinder world are the ones facing extreme fines and jail sentences, simply for exposing systemic cruelty.  

You may be wondering “how can this be?”

The industry is self-regulated, meaning that the authorities responsible for the promotion of primary industries (including factory farms, and their ongoing profitability), are simultaneously the official bodies expected to provide protection to animals. Ultimately, if someone breaches animal welfare laws – which includes legalised cruelty – it is of the industries best interest to minimise the charges and limit consumer knowledge. 

So, how can you help?

Animal Liberation is pushing for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. This would remove the inherent, structural conflict of interest between the authorised “protection” body and industry. Current laws must be revised with the interest of the animals as the focus, over profitability and efficiency. We are also pushing for mandatory CCTV cameras in all farms and slaughterhouses, which would have live streaming available at all times to the public. Mandatory CCTV would create transparency, removing trespass, biosecurity and farmers “fear”, whilst allowing consumers to see every aspect of the paddock to plate.

What is the government doing instead?

Instead of creating an independent office and installing cameras, the government and industry have devised over 50 campaigns to justify farming. This will cost tens of millions of dollars in an attempt to once again, cover up the cruelty and maintain secrecy. Some examples are: Dairy Farmers: “Because We’re a Family” campaign and Meat and Livestock Australia: Good Meat animal welfare and sustainability website. We have no doubt that the dairy campaigns will fail to show footage of mother cows chasing after trucks with their babies; calves having their throats slit; and cows trying to escape knockboxes.

Stand with Animal Liberation for transparency. Demand an Independent Office of Animal Welfare today.

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