Vegan “Lamb” Recipes

vegan lamb recipes

We hope last week’s vegan “beef” recipes helped you see that veganism isn’t about eating “grass” or tasteless meals. 

The vegan mock meat game is growing, but currently lacks a wide range of vegan “lamb” alternatives. Although there are a few around, they might be a little bit harder to find. You can buy Ayer’s Vege Lamb online or check out your local Asian grocer for some other options. If you’re in NSW, order some of I Should Be Souvlaki’s delicious “lamb” protein, “lamb” pizza, and “lamb” stew; and if you’re living around Bondi, head over to Vegan Lebanese Street Food for their mouthwatering “lamb” shawarma (deliver to select areas too).

vegan lamb slouvaki
Vegan Lebanese Street Food

If you’re unable to find a mock meat replacement, you might have to step a little more out of our comfort zone, by replacing the lamb with more wholesome ingredients, like textured vegetable protein, legumes, and vegetables. One of our tips is to use the exact same recipes as before, but replace the meat with some beans or TVP. This way you have the same enjoyable flavours, without hurting any animals! 

Here are some of our top vegan “lamb” recipes:


vegan lamb ragu
Steph Schall Hub


vegan lamb burger
Almost Like Mom’s


vegan lamb curry
Gluten Free Alchemist


vegan moussaka
Lazy Cat Kitchen


vegan lamb stew
Holy Cow


If you have a little extra time, you can try making your own vegan “lamb” with one of these awesome recipes:

vegan lamb roast
Mouthwatering Vegan

Did we miss something?

If you enjoyed any of these dishes, let us know in the comments! If you want some help making an old favourite recipe vegan, drop it in the comments below and we will help you out.