Vegan “Pork” Recipes

vegan pork recipes

Pigs account for approximately 38% of the world’s meat production and is one of the most widely eaten meats. This is heartbreaking for the pigs. They are wonderful, intelligent animals, who suffer both mentally and physically in all farming practices. Not only this, eating pork is damaging to human health. Luckily, there is an abundance of vegan alternatives available to help us ditch bacon and never look back!

Ham / Salami

There are some great ham alternatives available:

Alternatively, try to make your own ham, with one of these delicious recipes!

Vegan ham recipe
Vegan Seitan Ham – Veganosity


Vegan bacon is commonly made from coconuts, soy, or gluten:

You can also make it at home with carrot!

Vegan bacon
Vegan Rice Paper Bacon – Vegan Huggs

Burgers / Tacos / Sausages

Jackfruit and mushrooms make a delicious pork alternative for burgers and tacos – we promise these will be a favourite for all:

Or try these juicy sausages from Coles:

vegan pork burgers
BBQ Pulled Mushroom Burgers – Evergreen Kitchen

Cutlet / Ribs / Steak

vegan pork ribs
Vegan Ribs – Veggie Society

“Pork” Buns


If you’d prefer to stick with a more wholefoods diet, you can also try make your own roast:

vegan pork tenderloin
Vegan Pork Tenderloin – Planted 365

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  1. I’m so happy for every animal whose life is saved, and I understand the lure and desperate need, of attracting cruelty feeders away from muscle munching. But for me this list FILLED with animal body parts labelling, just as carnists eat animals, ABSOLUTELY turns my stomach and evokes horrendous images.
    I am sincerely hoping original and valid vegan labels will be used for our cruelty free food one day. Labels that don’t allude to our brethren’s body parts in any way, shape or form.

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