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Virtual Reality Aiding Animal Rights Activists

The sound of an animal screaming enters your ears and gnaws at the heart. Bearing witness to that sound and the animals feeling pain can be life-changing. 

A decade ago, maybe less, the mobile phone in your pocket might’ve been half the size of some of the modern tablets today. The machine might have had the famous serpentine-themed game Snake built into their wiry bones. But they couldn’t film. Today, your telephone can do more than my laptop could only a few short years ago. Today, it can allow you to enter entirely new worlds. With the aid of state-of-the-art technologies, we can step foot on new planets, invent entirely novel universes, or simply become a superhero for a few minutes. It seems there is no limit to the power of our tools.

Thanks to a collaborative agreement between Animal Liberation and the international animal advocacy organisation Animal Equality, industry doors are becoming transparent. With virtual reality (VR), we can step foot inside intensive piggeries, modern dairy farms, and broiler sheds. These are moments that make it hard to eat meat. They amplify our empathy. They give us cause to question ourselves, our values, and our complicity in one of the world’s most hidden and ongoing horrors: the farming of animals for their flesh, fibres, or bodily fluids.

The distance, the gap between the knock-box, the final killing cut, and the kitchen dinner table is finally shrinking.

Join us. Together, we can share their story.

Where: Sydney, 2000
Date: TBA
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