Why is Greyhound Racing Inhumane?

We agree, greyhounds do love to run, but anyone who has spent time with a greyhound knows that they also love to snuggle up on the couch and sleep all day. They are just giant lap-dogs who need exercise. Unfortunately, those born into the greyhound racing industry are denied the love and affection they deserve. Instead, they can legally be kept in a tiny prison cell, that is 3.5m2, for 23.5 hours a day with little to no human contact [1].

The greyhound racing industry was founded on the exploitation of greyhounds. A greyhound can reach a maximum speed of approximately 72km/hour and racing them around a track places them at severe risk of injury and possible death. Although many of the participants claim they “love” their dogs, countless exposés have proved otherwise. From live-baiting and mass graves on properties to willingly entering a dog in a race where there is a high chance of injury or death, it is evident that their wellbeing is not considered.

We have analysed the NSW stewards reports for the last six months and provided a summary of the deaths and injuries sustained.

greyhound racing fall injury
A greyhound who fell and flipped during a race.


Between 1st January 2020 and 30th June 2020, 25 greyhounds sustained catastrophic injuries while racing. They were killed as a result of their injuries.

In just six months, there was over 1,379 injuries sustained while racing on NSW tracks. These injuries ranged from abrasions to muscle soreness and tears, broken and fractured bones, concussions, bruising, internal and external bleeding, deep lacerations, dislocations, and vomiting. Although not all greyhounds will sustain an injury while racing, it is evident that it is incredibly dangerous for them.

An additional two greyhounds died, and 1,314 were noted as injured or ill before they even set foot on the racetrack. These injuries may have occurred during training or transport. We are seeking additional information regarding the deaths of Turpy Road and When Dell.

greyhound racing injury
Greyhound who is about to trip

What you can do

Far too many greyhounds are suffering in the name of entertainment. People continue to breed and race greyhounds despite knowing the risks involved. If they truly loved them, they would not risk their lives for money. Help us stop the cruelty by:

  1. Reading the names and injuries to learn about how dangerous racing is;
  2. Pledging to never bet on an animals life again,
  3. Sharing this information with your friends and family,
  4. Writing to your local premier, asking them to support a greyhound racing ban.
All greyhounds deserve to be loved.
Credit: Blue the Grey


The table below has the names of the individuals who died due to catastrophic injuries sustained on NSW racetracks between January and June 2020.

3/1/20 Wagga Wagga Milky Knox Fall – broken neck and complete paralysis Catastrophic
18/1/20 Taree Space Delaney Severe fracture to the near side hock Catastrophic
21/1/20 Lismore Two More Models Compound fracture front leg Catastrophic
25/1/20 Kempsey Tiri Dream Compound fracture left radius and ulna Catastrophic
25/1/20 Ladbrokes The Gardens Senor Marina Off side hock dislocation and fracture Catastrophic
28/1/20 Lismore Sharp Catch Severe fracture and dislocation of the off side hock Catastrophic
29/1/20 Wentworth Park Dyna Acacia Multiple fractures off side metacarpals Catastrophic
17/2/20 Nowra Takahi Katye Compound fracture of near side radius and ulna Catastrophic
24/2/20 Nowra Good Odds Calvin Compound fracture of left Radius & Ulna Catastrophic
3/3/20 Temora Georgia’s Rescue Compound fracture near side foreleg Catastrophic
10/3/20 Gosford Sapphire Jan Compound & comninuted fracture of near side hind tibia Catastrophic
16/3/20 Bathurst Breakaway Bandit Severe Fracture near side Elbow Catastrophic
20/3/20 Casino Firefly Gus Fractured off side humerus bone Catastrophic
21/3/20 Wentworth Park Dublin Lad Multiple fractures off side hock Catastrophic
22/3/20 Richmond Super Tracey Comminute compound fracture near side metacarpal Catastrophic
18/4/20 Grafton Dilapidated Near side compound fracture radius ulnar Catastrophic
26/4/20 Richmond Dana Trixie Compound comminuted fracture of left radius and ulna Catastrophic
27/4/20 Maitland Sketchy Daly Severely fractured near side wrist Catastrophic
27/4/20 Maitland Kiarni Devil Fractured near side radius and ulna Catastrophic
2/5/20 Richmond But Not Quiet Off side radius and ulna compound fracture Catastrophic
4/5/20 Gosford Bumpy Express Compound fracture of near side radius Catastrophic
7/5/20 Dubbo Swift Mitch Compound fracture off side hock Catastrophic
15/5/20 The Gardens Coniglio Severe lacerations along length of sternum Catastrophic
8/6/20 Bathurst Khatanga Babe Fractured near side humerus Catastrophic
27/6/20 Bulli Bugatti’s Wish Bilateral compound fracture to radius ulnar Catastrophic

Two additional greyhounds died prior to entering their allocated race.

7/4/20 The Gardens Turpy Road PRE-RACE deceased. No further detail
10/6/20 Gunnedah When Dell PRE-RACE deceased. No further detail


Below are the names of the 1,379 greyhounds who sustained an injury while racing in NSW.

10/5/20RichmondHatari StormAbdominal muscleMedium
25/1/20RichmondRuby SiouxAbdominal sorenessMinor II
5/2/20RichmondTommy TimeAbdominal strainMedium
17/5/20Wagga WaggaLara’s DoubleAbdominal tear and dew clawMedium
24/1/20CasinoPass The BanjoAbraded Central Pad Right Hind footMinor II
5/4/20RichmondEmbyeAbrasion to skullMinor I
3/4/20GraftonMiss EnsbyAbrasions and minor bruising to both hind legsMinor II
29/4/20RichmondSon Of SizzleAbrasion above left eyeMinor I
29/5/20RichmondPoppy’s DoraAbrasion and sand burn off side hind footMinor II
7/4/20GoulburnGone CrackersAbrasion left hind legMinor I
18/4/20BulliFlash High BallAbrasion left hind legMinor I
27/2/20DaptoGold AzaleaAbrasion left shoulderMinor I
14/6/20RichmondKey KeyAbrasion near side and off side hind foot\Minor I
6/6/20Wentworth ParkPrim And ProperAbrasion near side foreMinor I
29/2/20CoonambleMiss PatchAbrasion Near side Fore & Off side HindMinor I
10/3/20GosfordMagical ManAbrasion near side forefoot and near side upper armMinor I
12/4/20RichmondQuick SingleAbrasion near side foreleg (collision)Minor I
7/2/20The Gardens TwilightHit It FudgeAbrasion near side hind foot padMinor I
29/5/20GoulburnGloria GraceAbrasion near side metacarpalMedium
8/1/20RichmondDown The HatchAbrasion near side stifleMinor I
10/6/20GunnedahCome On DuchessAbrasion near side stifleMinor II
19/3/20DaptoTaylor Made GreyAbrasion near side stopperMinor I
14/6/20RichmondSimply SmudgeAbrasion near side wristMinor I
25/3/20RichmondPure CharismaAbrasion off side foreMinor I
16/6/20GoulburnRomeo RomeoAbrasion off side foreMinor II
12/6/20GoulburnKay’s SpecialAbrasion off side fore dew claw and off side hind achilles tendonMinor I
14/3/20Wentworth ParkNangar HawkeAbrasion off side fore footMinor I
3/3/20GoulburnMaybe CooperAbrasion off side hindMinor I
12/3/20MaitlandSilencingAbrasion off side hind footMinor II
2/2/20RichmondLilly BannerAbrasion off side hind legMinor I
29/4/20RichmondShe’s RadiantAbrasion off side hind legMinor I
30/4/20DaptoMcdieselAbrasion off side hind legMinor I
16/6/20GosfordLanmore CashAbrasion off side hind pasternMinor I
7/5/20DubboMrs BrownAbrasion off side hind tibia and off side wristMinor I
7/5/20DubboSunriseAbrasion off side tibiaMinor I
22/4/20GraftonRefused EntryAbrasion right hind central padMinor II
7/4/20GoulburnClassy VandaAbrasion right hind legMinor I
9/4/20DaptoNikolinaAbrasion right hind leg, no time offMinor I
21/4/20GoulburnTiggerlong BlazeAbrasion to inside of right tibiaMinor I
30/5/20BulliSin Rap SpeedyAbrasion to left achilles tendonMinor II
11/6/20DaptoOur CandidateAbrasion to left forelegMinor II
17/1/20CasinoOrara MaddisonAbrasion to left hind central padMinor II
7/6/20RichmondMind Blowin’Abrasion to lip/mouthMinor I
12/4/20RichmondZipping HoppoAbrasion to near side forelegMinor I
27/6/20The GardensOne Foxy MissileAbrasion to near side hind and off side forelegMinor I
1/3/20RichmondDespicable PeteAbrasion to off side fore webbingMinor II
22/3/20RichmondActive ZeusAbrasion to off side hind toeMinor I
18/2/20GoulburnChromosomeAbrasion to off side hockMinor I
22/4/20RichmondStrawberry SwirlAbrasion to right dew clawMinor I
17/1/20CasinoJackie’s LadyAbrasion to right front central padMinor II
2/5/20BulliLoyal EthicsAbrasion to webbing left hind footMinor I
4/1/20BulliFlash High BallAbrasion under the chin from muzzleMinor I
30/5/20RichmondJust SiriusAbrasions both hind legsMinor I
8/4/20RichmondHair TriggerAbrasions both wrists and chestMinor I
12/6/20GoulburnWestern BayAbrasions near side foreMinor I
30/6/20LismoreDominatingAbrasions near side fore legMinor I
8/1/20Wentworth ParkBazza BrannAbrasions near side hindMinor I
4/4/20The GardensMy Bro BrunoAbrasions near side hind legMinor II
21/5/20GosfordHit It FudgeAbrasions near side hind pad and stopperMinor II
8/3/20MuswellbrookMimi WhackerAbrasions off side fore legMinor I
6/5/20GunnedahMr CompliantAbrasions off side hind legMinor II
7/3/20Wentworth ParkMelissa’s QueenAbrasions off side hock and near side stifleMinor II
9/3/20GraftonFloribamaAbrasions right hind legMinor II
3/4/20GraftonPass The BanjoAbrasions to both hind feet
13/5/20GunnedahSuper FlyerAbrasions to both hind legsMinor II
27/6/20The GardensSketchy HaloAbrasions to both hocksMinor I
31/3/20The GardensDam The ManAbrasions to lower back, near side fore and off side hind legMinor II
5/6/20The GardensChill Out FordyAbrasions to near side fore leg and off side hind legMinor I
14/4/20The GardensNerves Of ZealAbrasions to near side hindMinor I
25/6/20MaitlandWyatt AshAbrasions to near side hindMinor I
21/1/20GosfordCheeky LassAbrasions to near side hind and laceration to near side shoulderMinor II
18/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensRed All OverAbrasions to near side hind and legMinor II
16/1/20MaitlandZipping CiaAbrasions to near side hind footMinor I
10/3/20GosfordZulu QueenAbrasions to near side hind legMinor II
4/4/20The GardensBourne BirdieAbrasions to near side hind legMinor I
4/6/20MaitlandBarb’s GalaxyAbrasions to near side hind legMinor I
15/5/20The GardensPre DecimalAbrasions to near side thighMinor II
29/6/20BathurstLulu SmokeAbrasions to off side fore padMinor II
7/2/20CasinoBits And PiecesAbrasions to off side hind legMinor II
19/4/20GunnedahShadow ChiefAbrasions to toe on near side hind footMinor II
14/4/20The GardensFakey JakeyAggravated prior groin injuriesMajor I
2/2/20RichmondManila CruzBack and off side hipMinor II
1/1/20Angle ParkTwo Spot BobBack sorenessMinor II
12/2/20Wentworth ParkMercy RainsBack sorenessMinor II
15/2/20Wentworth ParkFast Car DrivingBack sorenessMinor II
8/4/20RichmondMagic EmgrandBack sorenessMinor II
13/4/20BathurstJacobite MagicBack sorenessMinor II
9/6/20GoulburnLove Is SeriousBack sorenessMinor II
13/6/20Wentworth ParkCheeky LassBack sorenessMinor II
14/5/20DaptoEbby Jet PowerBack stiffnessMinor II
16/1/20MaitlandJerusalem CreekBit tongueMinor I
19/5/20GoulburnMozzieBitten tongue post raceMinor I
11/6/20DaptoDuchess FashionBleeding from mouthMinor I
11/5/20BathurstDouble ActiveBleeding near side hind toe wartMinor I
23/4/20DaptoHello DreamsBlood around nose and mouth found in catching penMinor I
15/4/20GraftonKent KilowattBoth back musclesMedium
7/2/20The Gardens TwilightDixie’s RebelBoth hip supportsMedium
21/3/20WauchopeDopey DeeBroken and Amputated TailMajor I
18/1/20NowraHurricane WayneBroken nail right hind footMinor II
1/6/20BathurstStylaxBroken tailMedium
2/6/20LismoreOh So EllaBroken toenail left hind and minor tear to left glutealMinor II
4/1/20Wentworth ParkRoyal EmgrandBruised near side fore pasternMinor II
10/1/20RichmondShowtime JackBruised near side hind footMinor I
8/1/20Wentworth ParkDana AliBruised near side hind toeMinor I
15/6/20GraftonBraemar BeachBruised near side shoulderMinor II
4/2/20LismoreKulu HipsterBruised neck and injured off side hipMedium
15/5/20RichmondInfared EthicsBruised off side dew clawMinor II
8/1/20RichmondEmerald BeyondBruised off side hindMinor I
10/1/20RichmondEbby RapperBruises both hind legsMinor I
27/2/20DaptoDyna YardoBruising & swelling to front left toeMinor II
17/3/20LismoreDyna ChareeBruising and minor abrasions near side shoulderMinor II
8/5/20RichmondVintage SpecialBruising and sand burn near side hind, minor puncture wound to tailMinor II
9/2/20DubboDuncan CargoBruising Near side Fore Toe & Spike Wound Near side HindMinor II
24/5/20RichmondAgent VioletBruising to left back muscleMinor II
12/6/20DubboArrogant KatieBruising to off side back muscleMedium
30/3/20BathurstKitboolou CorzaCalf muscle bruising, and a spike wound to the off side hind footMinor II
17/3/20GoulburnElvis In MotionCardio vascular respiratory eventMajor I
14/5/20DubboMrs BrownCarpal strain both wristsMinor II
21/2/20DubboMyrniong MasterCervico Thoracic InjuryMinor II
2/1/20MaitlandFab NikkiConcussionMedium
14/5/20DubboMidnight BossConcussionMinor II
21/5/20DaptoNasariConcussion and general sorenessMedium
7/4/20GoulburnSeven Hour ParkCracked dew claw left front foot, no time offMinor I
24/6/20GunnedahDam The ManCramp post-raceMinor II
21/3/20Wentworth ParkOptimus DustyCrampedMinor II
3/5/20RichmondMurdoch KeepingCrampedMinor II
27/6/20Broken HillWhatta KeyCrampedMinor II
29/5/20RichmondBit FlashCrampedMinor I
21/3/20The GardensTouring SoonCrampedMinor II
21/2/20RichmondGirl InterruptedCramped post-raceMinor I
11/6/20DaptoOptimus DustyCramped while runningMinor I
25/4/20BulliSovereign KingCut off side hindMinor II
7/1/20LismoreHoganCut to its mouthMinor I
22/6/20BathurstStart The ClockCut to the mouthMinor II
26/6/20GoulburnBlue SomebodyCut tongueMinor I
10/5/20RichmondBenji ButtonsDeep abrasion near side hindMinor II
11/1/20Wentworth ParkMy Purple RainDeep abrasions off side fore flexor area and abrasions to other legsMinor II
10/5/20RichmondLochinvar RyderDeep bruise near side hind toeMinor II
7/2/20RichmondAutumn SunDeep laceration left hind footMedium
16/5/20BulliMy Bro RussDeep laceration near side tibiaMajor I
29/1/20Wentworth ParkRed SapphireDeep laceration to near side hindMedium
11/1/20Wentworth ParkKnocker EllyDeep off side fore spike woundMinor II
11/4/20GraftonDarling DisplayDeep spike wound and bruiding near side hind legMinor II
1/4/20GraftonHear FootstepsDeep spike wound left hind legMinor II
26/5/20LismoreHaasDeep spike wound left hind legMinor II
23/3/20GraftonMia Beryl MayDeep spike wound off side hind legMinor II
25/2/20LismoreJustice DoneDeep spike wound right front foot and minor abrasions to the left and right hind legsMinor II
3/4/20GraftonOscar AwardsDeep spike wound to left hind footMinor II
1/4/20RichmondRainbow BillDeep tear left groin and tear right shoulder muscleMedium
11/1/20Wentworth ParkMercedes DiorDeep torn pad near side hindMedium
21/1/20LismoreSkid OscarDehydratedMinor II
26/1/20RichmondMozzieDehydrated (withdrawn pre-race)Minor II
17/3/20LismorePolished MagicDiarrhoea and fever post-raceMedium
6/6/20Wentworth ParkJujitsu RiotDislocate off side hockMajor II
27/3/20RichmondPrim And ProperDislocated near side fore toeMajor I
6/4/20BathurstMonsoon PhoenixDislocated near side hind toeMajor I
17/4/20BathurstChuckin’ PiesDislocated near side hind toeMajor I
14/6/20Wagga WaggaRitza Go BoyDislocated near side hind toeMedium
14/2/20RichmondGilded LadyDislocated near side hockMajor II
3/5/20Wagga WaggaTilly Rockin’Dislocated near side metacarpalMajor II
1/6/20NowraChill Out PedroDislocated near side wristMajor II
4/6/20CasinoTop FlashDislocated off side hind toeMajor I
19/6/20DubboFaye’s Pinky PieDislocated off side hind toeMajor I
10/1/20RichmondBushman’s ValleyDislocated off side hockMajor II
11/1/20Wentworth ParkJimmy CaseyDislocated off side hockMajor II
12/1/20RichmondSpeedy BoltalzDislocated off side hockMajor II
4/2/20GoulburnElla The WeaponDislocated off side hockMajor II
5/2/20Wentworth ParkHit RecordDislocated off side hockMajor II
5/4/20RichmondEbby CortisDislocated off side hockMajor II
1/5/20RichmondDylan’s MagicDislocated off side hockMajor II
14/6/20RichmondFever FuryDislocated off side hockMajor II
19/6/20GoulburnDarcy’s CrystalDislocated off side hockMajor II
19/6/20RichmondUtah LassDislocated off side hockMajor II
18/1/20Wentworth ParkSpookie VisionDislocated off- side shoulderMajor II
3/2/20NowraBrash An’ SassyDislocated right hockMajor II
5/5/20The GardensRandom MonkeyDislocated toe near side hind footMajor I
19/5/20The GardensBumpoDislocated toe near side hind footMajor I
1/3/20RichmondUtah LassDislocated toe off side hindMedium
12/3/20GoulburnCawbourne BoomerDislocated toe off side hind and split webbingMajor I
1/5/20The GardensMedellin LadDislocated toe off side hind footMedium
22/5/20The GardensJasey’s DaisyDislocated toe off side hind foot, and injured off side groinMajor I
9/1/20MaitlandChevy RockDislocated toe to near side hindMedium
30/3/20BathurstHope KeepingDislocated toe, near side fore footMedium
29/5/20GoulburnPawfessionalDropped back muscle- retiredMajor I
30/3/20BathurstNinja QueenEnlarged gland, and poor post race recoveryMinor II
12/1/20RichmondCohen’s DreamFell post-race. Near side shoulderMinor II
22/2/20Wentworth ParkUmatillaFlexor tendon to near side foreMedium
26/5/20LismoreJet TwistFracture right hockMajor II
26/6/20The GardensBlack Fire OpalFractured near side carpusMajor II
20/6/20Wentworth ParkTimeless MomentFractured near side fibulaMedium
26/6/20The GardensLightning AllyFractured near side forearmMajor II
9/1/20DaptoPhoton JetFractured near side hind toeMajor I
25/2/20GosfordSheza Party GirlFractured near side hockMajor II
23/5/20The GardensZambora SpurFractured near side hockMajor I
4/6/20MaitlandPalisades ParkFractured near side hockMajor II
15/5/20The GardensEye RockFractured near side wristMajor II
19/5/20The GardensSkid KidFractured near side wristMajor II
31/5/20Wagga WaggaGo Do MoreFractured near side wristMajor II
7/6/20TemoraBarry MundiFractured off side fibulaMajor II
24/4/20The GardensMelissa’s MagicFractured off side fore wristMajor II
2/5/20The GardensEvelin EelFractured off side hind toeMedium
2/2/20Wagga WaggaMagical JaspasFractured off side hockMajor II
6/2/20GoulburnTake The ApacheFractured Off side hockMajor II
19/2/20Wentworth ParkCool RoccoFractured off side hockMajor II
22/2/20The GardensWinlock GussoFractured off side hockMajor II
26/2/20Wentworth ParkMagic AimFractured off side hockMajor II
28/2/20The Gardens TwilightDominant JackFractured off side hockMajor II
29/2/20Wentworth ParkRita’s BoyFractured off side hockMajor II
7/3/20Wentworth ParkTelegraph RoadFractured off side hockMajor II
11/3/20RichmondWild FortuneFractured off side hockMajor II
11/3/20Wentworth ParkUnrushedFractured off side hockMajor II
27/3/20The Gardens TwilightCan DelightFractured off side hockMajor II
27/4/20MaitlandNo RulesFractured off side hockMajor II
30/4/20DaptoOff The LeashFractured off side hockMajor II
2/5/20The GardensCharlie BrannFractured off side hockMajor II
24/5/20Wagga WaggaDyna ViennaFractured off side hockMajor II
24/5/20Wagga WaggaMyrniong JakeFractured off side hockMajor II
11/6/20MaitlandUmatillaFractured off side hockMajor II
12/6/20GoulburnKamikaze CowlickFractured off side hockMajor II
23/6/20LismoreBow Wow WowFractured off side hockMajor II
27/6/20The GardensGeneral CurlyFractured off side hockMajor II
27/6/20Wentworth ParkRousedFractured off side hockMajor II
3/6/20TareeSlick PantherFractured off side metacarpus and toeMajor II
31/5/20Wagga WaggaAthletic LeeFractured off side metatarsalMajor II
19/5/20The GardensKinloch CountyFractured off side pasternMajor II
25/4/20BulliFlash MulcherFractured off side stopper boneMajor I
27/6/20The GardensRuby StunnerFractured off side ulnaMajor II
3/1/20RichmondFlying ShadowFractured radius and ulna near side forelegMajor II
16/1/20DaptoBlue TellytubbyFractured Right HockMajor II
9/4/20DaptoGirl InterruptedFractured right hockMajor II
19/5/20The GardensBlackpool FlyerFractured toe near side hind footMajor I
23/5/20The GardensWild DominanceFractured toe to off side forefootMajor I
8/3/20TemoraStagger Out SamFractured x2 and one Compound fractured Off side hind toes 3,4 and 5Major II
13/6/20The GardensKrisbar ImmyFractured/dislocated off side hockMajor II
4/1/20GawlerBlight’s PlightFront right dew claw injuryMinor II
20/3/20The GardensMorseGastrointestinal IllnessMedium
20/1/20BathurstBlack Eye JackGeneral muscle sorenessMinor II
23/2/20Wagga WaggaTanami ExpressGeneral muscle sorenessMinor II
23/2/20Wagga WaggaMagic BlazeGeneral muscle sorenessMinor II
30/6/20GoulburnBear With MeGeneral muscle sorenessMinor II
18/2/20GosfordFederal EstateGeneral sorenessMedium
21/2/20DubboGregoryGeneral SorenessMinor II
21/1/20GosfordPure LogicGeneral soreness to near side groinMinor II
7/2/20BathurstWinlock AmandaGeneralized bruising off side shoulderMinor II
2/5/20BulliMighty MahomesGraze to right hipMinor I
29/1/20RichmondPearl Of TahitaHaematoma right hind legMinor II
7/5/20DubboAnn KeepingHip support injury near side hind, abrasion to lateral off side hind toeMinor I
12/6/20GoulburnBanjo FernandoInfected toe near side foreMinor II
11/1/20Wentworth ParkBangaInflammation to all four feetMinor I
10/1/20Wagga WaggaBar RaiserInjured off side gastrocnemius muscleMinor II
11/1/20WauchopeZinnia FireInjured off side sesamoid and pin muscleMedium
17/5/20Wagga WaggaUnity AllenInjured toe and split webbing off side hind footMedium
29/4/20GunnedahMy Mate JackInjured toe near sideMedium
26/6/20The GardensChickianoInjured toe near side hind footMedium
28/5/20DaptoDual FocusIrregular heart rateMedium
5/6/20DubboMidnight JoyceLacerated and fractured tailMajor I
30/6/20GosfordSovereign BlueLacerated near side forefootMedium
27/1/20GraftonLaurie’s ChampLacerated near side forefoot & abrasions to near side hind legMinor II
3/6/20TareeGlenreagh SkudLacerated near side hind achillesMedium
29/6/20GraftonGreysynd PatriotLacerated near side hind footMinor II
7/1/20GosfordTwinkle Toes TedLacerated near side hind legMinor II
9/1/20MaitlandChase ZarrLacerated near side hind legMinor II
22/3/20Wagga WaggaMontana FernandoLacerated near side hind legMajor I
3/5/20Wagga WaggaBanquet DynastyLacerated near side hind legMinor II
29/5/20The GardensFull BarraLacerated near side hind legMedium
25/5/20GosfordSticky WicketLacerated near side stopperMinor II
27/5/20GunnedahLiz’s SniperLacerated near side tibiaMinor II
13/4/20MaitlandAbove The RimLacerated off side fore pastenMinor II
26/2/20RichmondWilkins AllenLacerated off side fore toeMinor II
19/5/20The GardensSailor BoyLacerated off side forearmMinor II
22/3/20Wagga WaggaKiki’s MomLacerated off side hind legMinor II
14/4/20The GardensTitanium RubyLacerated toe off side hindMinor II
2/3/20GraftonLaurie’s ChampLaceration left front foot and bruising right shoulderMinor II
2/6/20LismoreBlue MaxLaceration left hind footMinor II
7/4/20GoulburnCopper CanyonLaceration left hind toeMinor II
2/5/20BulliLast PhoenixLaceration left hind toeMinor I
2/5/20BulliExploderLaceration left wristMedium
21/5/20LismoreAllegro DiamondLaceration medial right hindMedium
15/4/20RichmondHair TriggerLaceration near side dew clawMinor I
2/4/20DubboDajanco ZarrLaceration near side femur (fall)Minor II
8/6/20GraftonManny SaidLaceration near side foreMinor II
29/3/20RichmondRogue PlanetLaceration near side fore and near side hindMinor II
15/2/20Wentworth ParkYankee’s EthicsLaceration near side fore footMedium
11/2/20GoulburnThomeli GalLaceration near side fore legMinor II
21/5/20DaptoLady StarkLaceration near side fore padMinor II
15/4/20RichmondDiesel HerreraLaceration near side fore toeMinor I
9/5/20RichmondRockstar GregLaceration near side fore toeMedium
7/6/20TemoraBurning FuelLaceration near side fore toeMinor II
29/6/20NowraEmbyeLaceration near side fore toeMinor I
19/1/20RichmondRapid ThunderLaceration near side hindMinor II
19/1/20RichmondBlue JediLaceration near side hindMedium
16/6/20GoulburnDig Deep BuddyLaceration near side hindMedium
25/2/20GoulburnMajestic BeautyLaceration near side hind footMedium
9/2/20DubboAria EnlimLaceration Near side Hind PawMedium
8/5/20BathurstEl Grand LadyLaceration near side hind toeMinor I
17/4/20GoulburnDrink BeerLaceration near side padMinor I
28/4/20GoulburnHe FlashLaceration near side stifleMinor I
31/5/20Wagga WaggaSunlit QuealyLaceration near side stopper padMedium
10/5/20TemoraWinlock MollieLaceration off side back toe, near side hip supportMedium
27/2/20GoulburnRiccobonoLaceration off side dew clawMedium
25/4/20BulliPerfect EverestLaceration off side foreMinor II
27/4/20BathurstZulu SmokeLaceration off side foreMinor II
16/6/20LismoreFab StyleLaceration off side foreMinor II
28/2/20RichmondPrincess RiotLaceration off side fore toeMinor II
1/3/20TemoraCorleone KingLaceration off side front toeMinor II
7/1/20LismoreGold GraceLaceration off side hindMinor II
8/5/20BathurstDrunken TabathaLaceration off side hind achillesMinor II
21/4/20LismoreZipping ClarkLaceration off side hind legMinor II
29/4/20GraftonHootin’ AnnieLaceration off side hind toeMinor II
21/5/20DubboTangerine QueenLaceration off side wristMedium
7/2/20BathurstSummer RoseLaceration off side wrist & near side hind toe nailMinor II
16/1/20DaptoEbony BelleLaceration to left earMinor II
25/4/20The GardensJust FernandoLaceration to near side forefootMinor II
16/4/20DaptoHardaway DestinyLaceration to near side forelegMinor II
2/6/20GoulburnEl CheapoLaceration to near side hindMinor I
9/3/20NowraLivin’ LargeLaceration to off side fore and hind legsMinor I
3/1/20Wagga WaggaMay’s RescueLaceration to off side hind pad and webbingMedium
9/5/20The GardensPrincess TwistLaceration to off side hindlegMinor II
24/4/20The GardensShe Knows UnoLacerations both hind legs, injured off side metatarsalMinor II
5/5/20The GardensLatent EnergyLacerations to both hind legsMinor II
30/5/20BulliDark And PrettyLarge tear to left stopper padMinor II
21/4/20GoulburnPolarityLeft abdominal and pin muscle injuriesMinor II
2/6/20LismoreModern GoddessLeft and right wrist injuriesMedium
21/2/20CasinoTop VillaLeft back muscle injuryMajor I
7/3/20BulliMy BuddyLeft back muscle injuryMajor I
22/4/20RichmondEl FerozLeft back muscle injuryMajor II
26/4/20RichmondZipping LyleLeft back muscle injuryMedium
29/4/20GraftonFrank De TankLeft back muscle tear, to be retiredMajor I
24/5/20RichmondDjay HoldenLeft chest muscle injuryMinor II
7/2/20RichmondStarburst AlbyLeft Flexor Tendon injuryMedium
3/4/20GraftonManny SaidLeft front shin soreness and delayed post race recoveryMinor II
2/1/20Angle ParkAbbey’s BanjoLEFT GRACILIS INJURYMajor II
30/1/20DaptoDeclan HarpLeft groinMedium
16/1/20DaptoBokarm NalaLeft groin injuryMajor I
23/1/20DaptoSin Rap SpeedyLeft groin injuryMinor II
14/4/20GoulburnQue AllenLeft groin injuryMedium
7/2/20RichmondAmanda LeeLeft groin injury & right foreleg lacerationMedium
4/1/20WauchopeTeekayLeft groin tearMinor II
1/1/20Angle ParkUnrestricted LadLEFT HIND MUSCLE SORENESSMinor II
13/1/20NowraHe’s ConfusedLeft hind nail bed injuryMinor I
27/3/20DubboVelour RumbleLeft hind toe injuryMedium
16/5/20RichmondFlash CowLeft hip injuryMinor II
23/5/20BulliTiggerlong BlazeLeft hip injuryMedium
28/5/20DaptoLady KinlochLeft hip injuryMinor II
4/1/20WauchopeZambora SpurLeft Hip Support InjuryMedium
17/1/20CasinoAkubra QueenLeft hip support injuryMedium
20/1/20GraftonNeed A MiracleLeft Hip Support InjuryMajor I
30/1/20GoulburnStir Fry ShrimpLeft hip support injuryMinor II
29/1/20RichmondNatural StarLeft Hip Support Muscle injuryMedium
3/6/20RichmondRemas FernandoLeft hock strainMinor II
17/2/20GraftonPippah’s GirlLeft pin & both wristsMinor II
24/1/20CasinoNangar PhantomLeft Pin muscle injuryMajor I
20/2/20GoulburnUno RapidoLeft Pin Muscle injuryMinor II
23/5/20BulliTee BeeLeft pin muscle, shoulder and hip injuriesMajor I
17/2/20GraftonRandom MonkeyLeft pin, right back muscle & right hind footMedium
23/5/20BulliWazowskiLeft shoulder and pectoral muscle and right hip injuriesMedium
27/2/20DaptoSprites FlyerLeft shoulder and right abdominal injuriesMedium
28/5/20DaptoFyodore BaleLeft shoulder injuryMinor II
11/6/20DaptoSonoma IconLeft shoulder injuryMedium
28/2/20CasinoKingsbrae JimLeft side shoulder injuryMedium
22/4/20RichmondToo Easy PunkLeft whip muscle injuryMinor II
1/4/20RichmondHermosaLeft wrist injuryMajor I
4/1/20GawlerSwift TimingLeft wrist sorenessMinor II
21/4/20GoulburnLivin’ LargeLeft wrist, pencil muscle, hind foot laceration and back muscle injuries, right shoulder injury and abrasions to both hind legsMedium
4/1/20BulliZipping CarlosLow grade off side shoulder injuryMinor II
14/3/20The GardensApache HeartLower back injury (iliopsoas strain)Medium
5/2/20RichmondKandos LassLower back painMinor II
31/1/20RichmondGust To ExcelLower back pain, grazes to off side wristMedium
24/1/20Wentworth ParkHighly EffectiveLower back sorenessMinor II
26/1/20RichmondTwisted LeagueLower back sorenessMinor II
5/4/20RichmondMy Bro BobLower back sorenessMinor II
6/6/20Wentworth ParkRogue PlanetLower back soreness and puncture wound to off side hind footMedium
4/5/20BathurstMovealong VannaLower lumbar painMinor II
1/5/20BathurstDouble ActiveLumbar sacral painMinor II
12/6/20RichmondTwist AllenLumbar sacral painMinor II
15/3/20RichmondVolt To ExcelLumber back sorenessMedium
18/3/20RichmondGood Odds ArmaniLumber back sorenessMinor II
6/3/20DubboArrie A BlazeLumber sacral injuryMedium
27/5/20GraftonDjay SimpleMedium near side back muscleMedium
25/2/20LismoreEvey BonusMedium Right back muscle injuryMajor I
28/4/20The GardensBelieve MeMild lameness off side forelegMinor II
12/1/20RichmondGood Odds CrissyMild neck painMinor I
25/4/20GraftonOrara CharlotteMinor abrasion left hind legMinor I
30/6/20LismoreBarrel’s GirlMinor abrasion near side fore legMinor I
23/6/20LismoreRapid HighwayMinor abrasion near side hind legMinor I
29/6/20GraftonMagic GypsyMinor abrasion near side hind legMinor I
13/5/20GraftonAce ChaseMinor abrasion off side hind legMinor I
15/5/20GoulburnMock MockMinor abrasion off side hind metatarsalMinor I
9/6/20LismoreBocuse GamblerMinor abrasion to left hind foot and injured right hind toenailMinor II
6/6/20BulliIndian MccookeMinor abrasion to right hind footMinor I
22/2/20Wentworth ParkManny MacMinor abrasionsMinor I
22/6/20GraftonNangar SilkMinor abrasions both hind legsMinor I
12/6/20GoulburnLove The AngelsMinor abrasions both hocksMinor I
26/5/20LismoreOrange GamblerMinor abrasions front left legMinor I
18/4/20GraftonInga LinaMinor abrasions near side foreleg and nosebleedMinor II
14/1/20GoulburnAriakiMinor abrasions near side hindMinor I
17/3/20LismoreKulu BazzaMinor abrasions near side stopper padMinor I
11/4/20GraftonSky RunnerMinor abrasions off side hind leg and minor sand burns near side hind footMinor I
18/6/20CasinoSavoy GamblerMinor abrasions to both front legsMinor I
23/6/20LismoreKingsbrae KotaMinor abrasions to both hind legsMinor I
14/3/20The GardensAgnethaMinor abrasions to hind legsMinor I
1/4/20GraftonPorsche CloudMinor abrasions to left hind legMinor I
6/3/20CasinoDjay SimpleMinor abrasions to left stopper padMinor I
3/4/20The GardensMerlin’s MissileMinor abrasions to near side hind legMinor I
7/4/20GraftonStar HelenMinor bruising left hind legMinor I
11/4/20GraftonDominatingMinor bruising near side shoulder and stifle (fell)Minor II
5/3/20DaptoStilton PirateMinor graze Near side fore and Off side hockMinor I
14/3/20WauchopePippah’s GirlMinor injury right gracilisMinor II
8/4/20GraftonKingsbrae MillyMinor injury right pin muscleMinor II
27/1/20GraftonDemander ValleyMinor injury to near side pin muscleMinor II
4/4/20GraftonAbsconderMinor injury to right hip supportMinor II
2/6/20LismoreNothing But BeakMinor laceration and bruising to right hockMinor II
23/6/20GosfordHey JealousyMinor laceration near hind pasternMinor I
12/4/20Wagga WaggaSwanky TammyMinor laceration near side elbow (struck running rail)Minor I
21/6/20Wagga WaggaWestmead WizMinor laceration near side shoulderMinor I
18/4/20GraftonHootin’ AnnieMinor laceration off side hind footMinor II
23/5/20GraftonKooringa ThellyMinor laceration off side hind footMinor II
16/5/20GraftonHootin’ AnnieMinor laceration off side hind foot and injured off side tricepsMinor II
20/1/20BathurstGimme StrenghtMinor laceration off side hind legMinor I
14/4/20LismoreKingsbrae SnidlyMinor laceration to left hind footMinor II
5/1/20GosfordMel’s BelleMinor laceration to near side foreMinor II
25/2/20GoulburnMaybe CooperMinor laceration to tongueMinor I
22/3/20Wagga WaggaMr. InbetweenMinor lacerations near side hind legMinor II
12/5/20The GardensFinding GobiMinor lacerations to both dew clawsMinor I
15/4/20GraftonOur CavaleirMinor lacerations to the off side fore legMinor II
7/4/20GraftonBaron Von StrudMinor left front flexor tendon injuryMedium
17/2/20GraftonSweet PursuitMinor left glutealMinor II
14/4/20LismoreAbsconderMinor left groin injuryMinor II
4/1/20WauchopeCustom BanjoMinor left wrist injury and Poor post race recoveryMinor II
17/3/20LismoreKarnak BaleMinor near side hock sprainMedium
7/2/20CasinoSpot A StormMinor off side wrist injury & abrasions to near side hind central padMinor II
20/1/20GraftonHunter LyndanMinor Right Hip Support InjuryMinor II
26/5/20LismoreKaraoke CloudMinor right hock sprainMedium
6/3/20CasinoBlack PickieMinor right shoulder injuryMinor II
6/1/20GraftonBits And PiecesMinor right wrist injuryMinor II
25/2/20LismoreKingsbrae BiddyMinor right wrist injuryMinor II
24/1/20CasinoAmber AleMinor Right wrist sprain injuryMinor II
8/4/20GraftonFrankie Da SilvaMinor sand burns both hind feetMinor I
21/1/20LismoreLumen GemMinor shin soreness near side front legMinor II
10/6/20RichmondBeau RiderMinor soreness to near side hindMinor I
3/2/20BathurstSummer RoseMinor spike wound near side hindMinor I
21/2/20RichmondAmy’s WillMinor spike wound near side hindMinor I
22/2/20Wentworth ParkZipping ShermanMinor spike wound near side hindMinor I
18/3/20RichmondHair TriggerMinor spike wound near side hockMinor I
20/6/20Wentworth ParkOscar’s AlibiMinor spike wound to near side hind footMinor I
23/3/20GraftonWild FantasyMinor spike wounds both hind feetMinor I
20/4/20BathurstSpring BellaMinor spike wounds near side hing calf and off side hind tibiaMinor I
9/6/20LismoreNot Out CloudMinor spike wounds right hind footMinor I
23/6/20LismoreCanned HeatMinor spike wounds to both front feetMinor I
13/5/20GraftonRhonda’s IzmirMinor sprain left wristMinor II
8/5/20The GardensFiji Water GirlMinor tear off side calfMedium
2/5/20The GardensSassy Go GoMinor tear off side front webbingMinor I
10/3/20LismoreZipping ElaineMinor tear to the left TricepsMedium
4/1/20WauchopeMajestic MarvelMinor Toe Injury Right Front footMinor II
21/3/20The GardensMel’s BelleMultiple abrasions both hind legsMinor I
13/1/20BathurstDoonside GangstaMultiple abrasions off side wristMinor II
5/2/20Wentworth ParkSummer In MotionMultiple abrasions to off side wristMinor II
8/5/20BathurstIrondale LachlanMultiple lacerationsMinor II
21/2/20DubboWinlock AmandaMuscle Soreness Off side HindMinor II
22/5/20GoulburnCatch A KeyMuscle soreness to backMinor II
12/3/20DaptoPyreness AcclaimNail injury right hind foot & abrasion right stopper padMinor II
23/6/20GoulburnDurama MachineNear shoulder and near side back muscleMedium
6/6/20Wentworth ParkHundred DegreesNear side abdominalMinor II
13/6/20The GardensGuitar ManNear side abdominal strainMinor II
16/4/20DaptoStop The ShineNear side abdominal, off side quadriceps, off side back muscleMedium
20/1/20BathurstFierce FranNear side Achilles injuryMajor I
8/6/20BathurstSunshine BrightNear side achilles tendonMajor I
28/6/20Wagga WaggaAttwaterNear side achilles tendonMajor I
11/1/20Wentworth ParkKaren KeepingNear side and off side back muscle strain and near side calf muscleMedium
21/2/20The GardensTintern AbbeyNear side and Off side Deep FlexorMinor II
21/2/20The GardensApache HeartNear side and Off side Forefoot AbrasionsMinor II
10/5/20TemoraAthletic LeeNear side and off side hip support sorenessMinor II
21/2/20The GardensZen MistressNear side and Off side Lumbar AbrasionsMinor II
24/2/20BathurstZulu VenomNear side Back MuscleMajor I
28/2/20DubboJoshua CargoNear side Back MuscleMajor I
5/3/20DaptoLatitude ZeroNear side back muscleMajor I
29/1/20Wentworth ParkAnother StormNear side back muscleMedium
4/2/20GoulburnJanglesNear side back muscleMedium
13/2/20DaptoFlat StickNear side back muscleMajor I
16/2/20RichmondBlack MineralNear side back muscleMedium
18/2/20GoulburnOur Mable MacNear side back muscleMajor I
26/2/20Wentworth ParkBlocker TifiaNear side back muscleMajor II
26/2/20RichmondAll PawsNear side back muscleMajor II
20/3/20CasinoBraylyn IceNear side back muscleMajor I
9/5/20RichmondClassy VandaNear side back muscleMajor I
10/5/20RichmondWoman In BlackNear side back muscleMinor II
15/5/20GoulburnShimandoNear side back muscleMajor I
6/6/20Wentworth ParkAncient SecretNear side back muscleMedium
15/6/20BathurstImpact RoseNear side back muscleMajor I
19/6/20The GardensCheeky ChapterNear side back muscleMajor I
7/1/20LismoreCoronary CloudNear side back muscleMajor I
14/3/20BulliUnderworld RamaNear side back muscle 21 days incapacitation issuedMedium
16/1/20GoulburnPenny Lane KeatsNear side back muscle and calf muscleMedium
9/3/20BathurstTurbo RoyNear side back muscle and hip support injuryMajor I
12/1/20GunnedahMonster MorganNear side back muscle strainMinor II
27/4/20MaitlandKiarni VelvetNear side back muscle strainMinor II
6/6/20Wentworth ParkKnight’s PageNear side back muscle strainMinor II
27/2/20MaitlandApache DivaNear side Back Muscle TearMajor II
29/2/20The GardensZipper DownNear side back muscle tearMajor I
28/3/20The GardensShearer’s UggNear side Back Muscle TearMajor I
6/6/20Wentworth ParkSplintersNear side back muscle, calf muscle and bruised toe off side foreMedium
6/4/20MaitlandIsabella IcefishNear side bicepMinor II
18/4/20The GardensHe’s No AngelNear side bicepMinor II
13/4/20MaitlandNickel BlackNear side bicep insertionMedium
3/4/20The GardensAlderley RoxNear side bicep, off side lateral tricep, off side hind deep flexorMedium
15/3/20RichmondRadee PrinceNear side bruising thigh and back muscleMedium
23/2/20Wagga WaggaKiki’s MomNear side buttock bruising. Near side front and hind leg lacerationsMinor II
28/1/20GoulburnPush Me PedroNear side calfMinor II
5/1/20GosfordDougie KazamNear side calf muscleMedium
2/5/20RichmondManila CruzNear side calf muscleMedium
23/2/20RichmondHe’s DeadlyNear side chestMinor II
15/5/20RichmondSet To BeNear side chest and off side back muscleMinor II
13/6/20Wentworth ParkCustom IllusionNear side chest and off side hamstringMinor II
16/6/20GosfordQuick StyleNear side chest sorenessMinor II
14/2/20The Gardens TwilightSheza Blue GirlNear side chest, and back sorenessMedium
1/5/20The GardensEsther’s LilyNear side deep flexorMinor II
11/5/20GosfordAsian BaconNear side deep flexorMinor II
17/4/20The GardensMiss BogotaNear side deep flexor and near side forelimb biceps insertionMinor II
21/3/20The GardensFashy MannerNear side deep flexor bundleMedium
17/4/20The GardensAston SapporoNear side deep flexor muscleMinor II
14/2/20The Gardens TwilightMel’s BelleNear side dew clawMinor II
22/1/20Wentworth ParkLaurie’s LawNear side fan muscleMedium
20/5/20RichmondDam RecklessNear side fan muscleMedium
29/6/20BathurstMagic BlastNear side fan muscle and off side hip supportMedium
19/3/20DaptoHello I’m OliviaNear side fibulaMedium
26/3/20DaptoRecodeNear side fibulaMedium
7/5/20GosfordLil StormNear side fore abrasionMinor I
1/5/20RichmondJayden’s BoyNear side fore flexor tendonMinor II
22/5/20BathurstKaitlyn GraceNear side fore flexor tendon and off side hind spike woundMedium
12/6/20The GardensMiss VersaceNear side fore pad lacerationMedium
20/3/20The GardensFair DinkumNear side Fore Spike WoundMinor II
21/5/20DaptoChromeNear side fore split webbingMajor I
27/6/20Broken HillCoolenableNear side fore split webbingMedium
30/1/20GoulburnDouble FeatureNear side fore split webbing and fractured metacarpalMedium
17/5/20Wagga WaggaSwanky LorettaNear side fore stopper padMedium
5/6/20DubboCentral DriveNear side fore toe strainMinor II
17/2/20BathurstShelby NiceNear side fore toes dislocatedMedium
2/1/20MaitlandForce To ExcelNear side fore tricepMinor I
6/1/20BathurstHusky HoofsNear side fore webbingMedium
14/5/20GosfordEmerley RevellerNear side forefoot webbingMinor II
16/5/20The GardensZoey My Darlin’Near side forelimb fractured toesMajor II
16/5/20The GardensShahdaneNear side forelimb lacerated webbingMedium
15/3/20MuswellbrookPerfect AlexNear side Forelimb Spike WoundMinor II
17/3/20GosfordMystery GirlNear side Forelimb Tendon InjuryMedium
21/1/20LismoreDouble AcesNear side fracture metacarpalMajor II
21/3/20The GardensSketchy DalyNear side front soreness to lateral head of tricep and soreness to near side wristMinor II
6/3/20DubboEager DollNear side front toe fracture. Off side stopper pad laceration and spike wound. Off side back leg lacerationMajor I
9/1/20MaitlandRoyal RaccoonNear side general muscle sorenessMinor II
22/6/20GraftonSweet PursuitNear side glute muscleMinor II
13/4/20BathurstHectic Like ThatNear side gracilis tear (collision)Medium
24/1/20DubboRaglan RubyNear side Gracillis MuscleMajor I
24/1/20Wentworth ParkSplintersNear side groinMinor II
26/1/20RichmondPosterizedNear side groinMedium
7/2/20The Gardens TwilightO’learyNear side groinMedium
7/2/20The Gardens TwilightExcitableNear side groinMedium
7/2/20BathurstHello GraceNear side groinMinor II
21/2/20RichmondQueen’s TouchNear side groinMedium
26/2/20RichmondGo Wild TobyNear side groinMinor II
3/3/20GoulburnRosey’s FantasyNear side groinMinor II
24/3/20GoulburnSerenissimaNear side groinMedium
5/4/20RichmondMamba Two FourNear side groinMedium
6/4/20BathurstStill BlueNear side groinMedium
18/4/20The GardensJunglelandNear side groinMinor II
24/4/20The GardensAnother VuittonNear side groinMinor II
1/5/20The GardensDouble DreamNear side groinMedium
4/5/20GosfordAvatar WoodyNear side groinMedium
8/5/20BathurstBeau RiderNear side groinMedium
9/5/20BulliDivya BaleNear side groinMinor II
9/5/20RichmondLord ZeusNear side groinMedium
15/5/20The GardensNed’s ChanceNear side groinMedium
15/5/20The GardensAston MaeveNear side groinMedium
15/5/20The GardensBlue BronteNear side groinMinor II
1/6/20BathurstO’lonnieNear side groinMinor II
29/2/20Wentworth ParkSunrise FlameNear side groinMedium
16/3/20BathurstLucid DreamsNear side Groin & Near side ShoulderMedium
27/1/20BathurstTuxedo JackNear side Groin & Soreness to both ShouldersMedium
19/6/20GoulburnIndian MccookeNear side groin and abrasion near side foreMinor II
2/6/20GosfordMonster MagicNear side groin and off side shoulderMinor II
4/2/20GosfordDoruble DreamNear side Groin and Off side Shoulder SorenessMedium
16/2/20RichmondSecretly HotNear side groin and whip muscleMajor I
13/1/20BathurstThin LittleNear side groin injuryMedium
16/1/20GoulburnJoustingNear side groin injuryMinor II
16/1/20GoulburnMagical JaspasNear side groin injuryMinor II
9/3/20BathurstChuckyNear side groin injuryMedium
2/5/20The GardensAgnethaNear side groin injury and near side hind leg abrasionsMedium
17/6/20RichmondVictor CertesNear side groin injury and near side spike wound hind footMinor II
2/2/20RichmondBam Bam JohnnyNear side groin muscleMedium
12/5/20LismoreNev’s GiftNear side groin muscleMinor II
30/6/20LismoreCoopesNear side groin muscleMinor II
11/3/20Wentworth ParkLoyal EthicsNear side groin muscle tearMedium
28/3/20The GardensScary MaryNear side Groin Muscle Tear and Off side Hind Spike WoundMedium
15/2/20The GardensLimited LunaNear side groin sorenessMinor II
6/6/20Wentworth ParkEbby InfaredNear side groin sorenessMinor II
14/3/20Wentworth ParkEmbyeNear side groin strainMinor II
28/2/20The Gardens TwilightBlack IncaNear side groin strain, and both pin musclesMedium
18/1/20Wentworth ParkCawbourne TerryNear side hamstringMinor II
1/1/20Wentworth ParkWe Got JuanNear side hamstring laceration and near side wrist spike woundMinor I
1/1/20Wentworth ParkWe Got JuanNear side hamstring laceration and near side wrist spike woundMinor I
15/5/20BathurstBolt AlongNear side hindMinor I
31/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensLittle ProspectNear side Hind AbrasionMinor II
17/4/20The GardensFire On IceNear side hind and biceps grazingMinor II
16/3/20BathurstDestiny JaneNear side Hind Bleeding Spike WoundMinor II
12/4/20Wagga WaggaAcoustic LeeNear side hind calf muscle (collision)Medium
17/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensBlue BronteNear side hind deep flexorMinor II
7/4/20The GardensMelissa’s QueenNear side hind deep flexorMinor II
14/4/20The GardensMy Baby BooNear side hind deep flexorMedium
14/4/20The GardensZambora SpurNear side hind deep flexorMinor II
28/5/20GosfordSketchy ButlerNear side hind dew claw nail avulsionMedium
28/5/20GosfordBlue CrusherNear side hind groinMedium
30/1/20MaitlandOyster BoyNear side Hind LacerationMinor II
28/6/20Wagga WaggaCoffee With TenNear side hind lacerationMinor II
9/4/20GoulburnBrother RayNear side hind limb soreness, near side carpus sorenessMedium
22/2/20BulliBugatti BenderNear side hind metatarsal fractureMajor II
3/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensRandom MonkeyNear side Hind Quadriceps and Off side Thigh BruiseMedium
20/6/20The GardensSienna’s AceNear side hind semitendinosus sorenessMinor II
14/2/20RichmondDoonside GemNear side hind sesamoidMinor II
26/1/20RichmondFringe EaterNear side hind spike woundMinor II
4/2/20GosfordGo Wild TobyNear side Hind Spike WoundMedium
17/3/20GosfordCaptain GalNear side Hind Spike WoundMinor I
28/6/20Wagga WaggaTiggerlong JewelNear side hind spike woundMinor II
22/5/20BathurstBlack ShadowNear side hind spike woundsMinor II
14/1/20GosfordMunane TrappedNear side Hind Split WebbingMedium
24/5/20Wagga WaggaDyna EliasNear side hind split webbingMedium
21/6/20Wagga WaggaHumble MouseNear side hind split webbingMedium
13/1/20GraftonMack CoolNear side hind toe and metatarsal fracture & split webbingMajor II
9/5/20The GardensShowtime BlissNear side hind toe avulsionMedium
11/3/20GunnedahLittle WhackoNear side Hind Toe BruisingMinor II
4/4/20BulliMount OxleyNear side hind toenailMinor II
6/1/20BathurstMyrniong RocketNear side hind webbingMedium
16/4/20DaptoMind Blowin’Near side hind webbing lacerationMinor II
14/5/20GosfordJet PropelledNear side hipMinor II
21/5/20DubboFernando FusionNear side hipMinor II
8/1/20RichmondMilstaNear side hip 7 daysMinor II
7/2/20The Gardens TwilightOur Mate ChivoNear side hip sorenessMinor II
7/2/20BathurstLittle DiggerNear side hip supportMedium
23/2/20RichmondNan’s PromiseNear side hip supportMedium
2/3/20BathurstBull BearNear side hip supportMedium
25/5/20BathurstWinlock RamirezNear side hip supportMinor II
29/5/20DubboGamma SevenNear side hip supportMedium
10/6/20GunnedahEmikoNear side hip supportMinor II
14/2/20RichmondDyna ReaverNear side hip supportMedium
23/4/20DubboDrunken PhoenixNear side hip support and long head tricep injuryMedium
15/6/20BathurstCheeky TunesNear side hip support muscleMedium
18/6/20MaitlandOyster BoyNear side hip support sorenessMinor II
28/2/20DubboOld Mate KimmyNear side Hip Support StrainMinor II
28/2/20RichmondAngry BlizzardNear side hip support, lower back pain and off side shoulderMajor I
26/1/20GunnedahTralee ErskinNear side hip support, neck soreness, and off side pin muscleMinor II
31/3/20GoulburnChilli TigerNear side hock sorenessMedium
25/3/20RichmondTwango FocusNear side laceration whip muscleMedium
24/5/20Wagga WaggaShe Can FlyNear side metacarpalMajor II
19/3/20DaptoTiggerlong BlazeNear side neck, off side shoulderMedium
14/3/20Wentworth ParkJust A DivaNear side pasternMinor II
3/6/20BulliRusty BurnerNear side pectoralMinor II
17/2/20NowraUnder The BeamNear side Pectoral, Near side Gluteal, Off side deltoidMedium
26/1/20RichmondMinnie KittyNear side pinMajor I
24/4/20The GardensLil Bit LoopyNear side pin and pectoral muscleMedium
24/2/20BathurstKimberley CargoNear side Pin MuscleMedium
21/1/20GosfordSqueak ScolariNear side pin muscleMedium
17/2/20BathurstBlack Eye JackNear side Pin muscleMedium
7/3/20Wentworth ParkFrom The GalleryNear side pin muscleMajor I
12/3/20MaitlandCastle ArcherNear side pin muscleMedium
28/4/20LismoreFerrari CloudNear side pin muscleMinor II
25/5/20GosfordZipper By TwoNear side pin muscleMinor II
23/6/20LismoreKingsbrae BantonNear side pin muscleMedium
14/3/20The GardensForce To ExcelNear side pin muscle and near side groin strainsMinor II
20/4/20MaitlandFestalNear side pin muscle and off side brachialis muscle injuryMedium
21/5/20LismoreHunter LyndanNear side pin muscle injuryMedium
30/1/20MaitlandDouble MackNear side Pin Muscle TearMedium
9/5/20The GardensFlying MaxiNear side pin muscle tearMedium
5/3/20DaptoMount RoyalNear side quadMedium
18/4/20The GardensAngry BlizzardNear side quad muscleMedium
4/4/20BulliBugatti SpeedNear side quadriceps and off side shoulderMedium
17/4/20RichmondShowtime JackNear side sesamoidMedium
3/3/20TemoraJanglesNear side ShoulderMajor I
13/3/20Wagga WaggaQueenie JeanNear side ShoulderMedium
1/1/20Wentworth ParkSovereign KingNear side shoulderMinor II
1/1/20Wentworth ParkSovereign KingNear side shoulderMinor II
8/1/20Wentworth ParkHurricane HunterNear side shoulderMinor II
15/1/20Wentworth ParkParis GoldNear side shoulderMinor II
17/1/20Wentworth ParkTalk About KatieNear side shoulderMinor II
24/1/20Wentworth ParkShow Me ConfettiNear side shoulderMinor II
31/1/20CasinoNottage HillNear side shoulderMedium
23/2/20RichmondSilent TheoryNear side shoulderMinor II
3/3/20GoulburnHymie BlackNear side shoulderMinor II
28/3/20BulliDyna YappyNear side shoulderMinor II
26/4/20Wagga WaggaKeeping StraightNear side shoulderMedium
26/4/20Wagga WaggaBarry MundiNear side shoulderMedium
30/4/20DaptoWinlock RamirezNear side shoulderMedium
8/5/20BathurstExtreme ThrillNear side shoulderMinor II
10/5/20RichmondLanmore BabeNear side shoulderMinor II
6/6/20The GardensSmoother RoadwayNear side shoulderMinor II
7/6/20RichmondBoy WaterNear side shoulderMedium
9/6/20GoulburnGrin Bear ItNear side shoulderMinor II
10/6/20RichmondGood FriendNear side shoulderMinor II
18/6/20CasinoRedback SamNear side shoulderMajor I
19/6/20RichmondLittle UtahNear side shoulderMedium
24/6/20Wentworth ParkBar The PunkNear side shoulderMedium
28/2/20DubboLoggens CheetahNear side Shoulder & both Hip SupportsMinor II
24/1/20DubboEl Grand LadyNear side Shoulder & Lumbar MusclesMedium
23/2/20RichmondWeffalee DancerNear side shoulder & off side hipMinor II
30/4/20DaptoTale Of DestinyNear side shoulder and abdomenMedium
14/2/20The Gardens TwilightFerrari BlasterNear side shoulder and hipMinor II
13/5/20GunnedahSparra’s MateNear side shoulder and humorous sorenessMedium
24/1/20Wentworth ParkChina O’brienNear side shoulder and off side chestMinor II
20/1/20BathurstJune Twenty SixNear side shoulder and Off side hip injuryMedium
17/1/20Wentworth ParkGrand LaytonNear side shoulder and off side tricepMinor II
7/3/20Wentworth ParkDinky Di EthicsNear side shoulder and pin muscleMedium
27/5/20GraftonCapture WingNear side shoulder bruisingMinor II
23/1/20GoulburnRyan’s HomeNear side shoulder injuryMinor II
26/1/20TemoraLittle UnoNear side shoulder injuryMedium
9/3/20BathurstUnder SeaNear side shoulder injuryMedium
26/1/20TemoraBeats ManeuvaNear side shoulder muscleMinor II
5/3/20MaitlandGoodwin ThommoNear side Shoulder SorenessMinor II
18/6/20MaitlandChevy RockNear side shoulder sorenessMinor II
29/2/20The GardensNangar CookieNear side shoulder soreness and neck stiffnessMinor II
8/5/20RichmondSeaside ShuffleNear side shoulder, off side dew clawMedium
13/2/20DaptoBardo BlueNear side spike woundMinor II
19/1/20RichmondPortelli PunkNear side stomach muscleMedium
24/1/20DubboMy Lady MoselNear side Stopper Pad Abrasion & Near side Front Toe LacerationMinor II
11/1/20Wentworth ParkToo Easy PunkNear side strained hamstring and back muscleMedium
29/1/20Wentworth ParkEsther’s StarNear side torn deltoidMedium
18/6/20MaitlandKiarni VelvetNear side torn pin muscleMedium
15/2/20BulliHurricane WayneNear side tricep strainMinor II
23/6/20GoulburnMr KnoxvilleNear side tricepsMedium
30/6/20GosfordRippy RoyalNear side triceps sorenessMinor II
17/4/20The GardensNev’s GiftNear side upper groin and near side pectineusMinor II
20/4/20MaitlandMiss Del RioNear side upper radius/ulna attachments injuryMinor II
12/3/20MaitlandEyotaNear side whip muscleMinor II
1/5/20BathurstZipping BradyNear side whip muscleMedium
2/5/20The GardensHello FernandoNear side whip muscleMinor II
26/5/20The GardensElite ZipperNear side whip muscle tearMedium
21/1/20GoulburnMarcia JayNear side WristMinor II
25/2/20GoulburnWicked EthicsNear side wristMajor II
4/5/20BathurstSon Of EliNear side wristMinor II
18/5/20GosfordStylish ReasonNear side wristMinor II
25/5/20GosfordSheba’s DreamNear side wristMinor II
4/6/20CasinoWhere’s TwentyNear side wristMajor I
17/6/20TareeSapphire StormNear side wristMinor II
15/6/20BathurstLucid DreamsNear side wrist and near side hip support muscleMedium
24/6/20RichmondGlengarrie BoyNear side wrist and off side back muscleMedium
18/2/20GosfordShelby DreamNear side wrist and off side pin muscleMedium
24/4/20GoulburnStardom AwakensNear side wrist and off side shoulderMedium
22/5/20BathurstAir LoadNear side wrist pain and off side hind spike woundMinor II
1/5/20The GardensArquetteNear side wrist sorenessMinor II
8/5/20BathurstBronze AdonisNear side wrist soreness and off side wrist sprainMedium
16/3/20BathurstRed AzaleaNear side Wrist SprainMinor II
18/3/20RichmondProject TommyNear side wrist sprainMinor II
5/1/20GosfordFerrari BlasterNear side wrist strainMinor II
31/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensFly Away JaxsonNear side Wrist StrainMinor II
10/1/20Wagga WaggaBlack MaseratiNear side wrist strainMinor II
14/2/20The Gardens TwilightLondyn’s ChoiceNear side wrist, and lacerated off side thighMinor II
29/1/20Wentworth ParkBreayleyNeck haematomaMinor II
1/3/20RichmondLeft UnsaidNeck injuryMedium
15/4/20RichmondAmy’s WillNeck painMinor II
22/2/20TareeFabio’s EnforcerNeck sorenessMinor II
1/3/20MuswellbrookReal FantasyNeck sorenessMedium
1/3/20MuswellbrookJasmicrayNeck stiffnessMinor II
19/5/20GoulburnRogue PlanetNose bleed and concussionMinor II
28/4/20The GardensBlow The RockOff hind deep flexorMinor II
6/2/20DaptoOne Eyed VisionOff side abdomenMinor II
19/3/20DaptoGive Us EbonyOff side abdomenMinor II
6/1/20BathurstFelony OneOff side abdominal muscleMedium
2/5/20RichmondProject MouseOff side abdominal muscleMedium
4/4/20BulliIrinka MasonOff side back and off side hip supportMajor II
24/1/20DubboPure Lee RedOff side Back MuscleMinor II
27/1/20BathurstMotor City MaidOff side Back MuscleMajor I
22/2/20YoungBear LeeOff side Back MuscleMedium
29/2/20TareeAfraid SoOff side back muscleMajor I
1/3/20TemoraSergeant SchultzOff side back muscleMedium
2/3/20GraftonVision TimeOff side back muscleMajor I
9/3/20NowraBanjo TifiaOff side back muscleMajor I
13/3/20RichmondTwist AllenOff side back muscleMajor I
16/3/20NowraCumbria LassOff side back muscleMajor I
17/3/20GoulburnKenwayOff side back muscleMajor I
21/3/20Wentworth ParkDurama LadyOff side back muscleMajor I
17/4/20RichmondTennessee TigerOff side back muscleMajor I
17/4/20BathurstArrogant KatieOff side back muscleMajor II
24/4/20RichmondBethany RoseOff side back muscleMedium
27/4/20BathurstJaniya BaleOff side back muscleMajor I
5/5/20GoulburnLondon TomOff side back muscleMajor I
20/5/20GraftonTelam Bugsys GirlOff side back muscleMajor I
24/5/20Wagga WaggaSwanky StellaOff side back muscleMajor I
24/5/20Wagga WaggaSuccessful SissyOff side back muscleMajor I
27/5/20GraftonHay My WayOff side back muscleMajor I
28/5/20CasinoBokarm NoraOff side back muscleMajor I
29/5/20The GardensDiver’s MccurryOff side back muscleMajor II
8/6/20GraftonKooringa MaizeOff side back muscleMajor I
2/4/20Wagga WaggaUnity AllenOff side back muscle & off side fore wristMajor
15/2/20Wentworth ParkSalute To ExcelOff side back muscle and calfMedium
19/6/20The GardensNana DeniseOff side back muscle and lacerated off side fore legMedium
23/3/20GraftonSupreme FlashOff side back muscle and off side hip supportMajor I
26/4/20Wagga WaggaMr AutomaticOff side back muscle and off side hockMajor II
6/2/20DaptoCowboy BeauOff side back muscle and spike wound to near side hind toeMajor I
8/3/20TemoraBuy Me DiamondsOff side back muscle injuryMedium
12/3/20GoulburnLochie’s MateOff side back muscle injuryMajor I
7/5/20DubboCourtney CargoOff side back muscle injuryMajor I
1/5/20BathurstNorman’s GirlOff side back muscle strain and off side shoulderMinor II
10/2/20GraftonShe’s An EnsbyOff side back muscle tearMajor I
5/3/20MaitlandLollipop LoganOff side Back Muscle TearMajor I
8/3/20MuswellbrookFelicia BaleOff side back muscle tear (Grade 1)Minor II
15/1/20Wentworth ParkStrike PowerOff side bicepMedium
11/1/20Wentworth ParkDawn JuanOff side chest muscleMinor II
4/2/20GoulburnCatch A KeyOff side chest muscleMedium
6/1/20BathurstIrondale LachlanOff side chest muscle injuryMedium
18/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensFabulous TimeOff side deep flexorMinor II
7/2/20The Gardens TwilightThunderbird TwoOff side deep flexorMinor II
1/5/20The GardensHubcapOff side deep flexorMinor II
28/2/20The Gardens TwilightEuro BroOff side deep flexor and deltoidMedium
7/3/20The GardensAngry TornadoOff side Deep Flexor BundleMinor II
7/3/20The GardensSkid KidOff side Deep Flexor BundleMinor II
25/2/20GosfordKing KinlochOff side deep flexor muscleMinor II
4/2/20GosfordRancherOff side Deep Flexor SorenessMinor II
4/2/20GosfordMy Mate SargeOff side Deep Flexor SorenessMinor II
18/4/20The GardensBilton’s GirlOff side deltoidMinor II
29/6/20GraftonFernando MarksOff side deltoidMedium
25/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensLatent EnergyOff side Deltoid and Deep FlexorMinor II
10/1/20RichmondGolspie CrazyOff side dew clawMedium
31/5/20RichmondHello DreamOff side dew clawMinor II
18/1/20Wentworth ParkPop’s ParadiseOff side dislocated hockMajor II
8/6/20BathurstOpher RoadOff side elbowMedium
24/5/20Wagga WaggaAttwaterOff side elbow ligamentMajor II
30/6/20LismoreBrunelloOff side fan muscleMinor II
21/1/20GoulburnKegless CassianOff side Flexor TendonMajor I
3/3/20GoulburnDig Deep VickyOff side flexor tendonMinor II
28/4/20GoulburnRon’s BookshopOff side fore and off side hind split webbingsMedium
6/3/20RichmondBugatti SparkOff side fore declawMinor II
17/4/20The GardensKeep GuessingOff side fore deltoid sorenessMinor II
1/2/20Wentworth ParkMount BrownOff side fore flexor tendonMajor I
21/3/20WauchopeJet Black AttackOff side Fore Flexor TendonMedium
8/3/20TemoraDon’t Mind MeOff side fore lamenessMinor II
17/6/20TareeSet In BlackOff side fore pasternMedium
29/5/20DubboSwift JillOff side fore pectoral and pin muscleMinor II
8/2/20The GardensJacko’s DreamOff side Fore Spike WoundMinor II
12/1/20RichmondCracklin’ RosieOff side fore toeMedium
1/5/20BathurstBang Bang BoomOff side fore toe lacerationMedium
12/1/20RichmondRooster McgeeOff side fore tricepsMinor II
26/3/20DaptoFancy IreneOff side fore webbing injuryMinor II
7/3/20The GardensUrunga SunriseOff side Forearm AbrasionMinor II
28/5/20GosfordMaximum TemperOff side forelimb pin muscleMinor II
13/2/20DubboNangar FeverOff side fractured metatarsal and dislocated toesMajor II
13/1/20BathurstMorning TideOff side front pad and off side hind metatarsalsMedium
14/5/20DubboLoggens CheetaOff side front shoulderMedium
13/2/20DubboSwift MarieOff side gracilise muscleMajor I
6/2/20DaptoHartley EntryOff side groinMinor II
7/2/20The Gardens TwilightShades Of PearlOff side groinMedium
12/2/20RichmondRadiant RidgeOff side groinMedium
25/2/20GoulburnToss And TurnOff side groinMinor II
3/3/20GoulburnRhonda’s IzmirOff side groinMinor II
18/3/20Wentworth ParkChampness RoadOff side groinMinor II
28/4/20The GardensGlenidol GirlOff side groinMinor II
29/4/20GraftonHemisphere HarryOff side groinMinor II
4/5/20GosfordGirl HappyOff side groinMinor II
12/5/20The GardensAlderley RoxOff side groinMinor II
17/5/20RichmondGive Us EbonyOff side groinMedium
22/5/20The GardensAlisha TangaOff side groinMinor II
10/6/20Wentworth ParkShow Me ConfettiOff side groinMedium
19/6/20GoulburnOn The WatchOff side groinMinor II
27/6/20Wentworth ParkHear FootstepsOff side groinMinor II
12/4/20RichmondCheeky CrackersOff side groin (collision)Minor II
24/3/20GoulburnBrother’s GiftOff side groin & near side shoulderMinor II
24/2/20BathurstDana KingOff side Groin & Near side WristMedium
1/5/20BathurstBolt AlongOff side groin and bruised near side hind legMinor II
13/3/20RichmondMighty PrideOff side groin and lumber back painMedium
13/1/20BathurstMisloadOff side groin and near side elbowMedium
25/1/20RichmondDurama BomberOff side groin and near side track legMinor II
11/5/20BathurstWinlock SawyerOff side groin and near side wristMinor II
21/6/20RichmondPure SwiperOff side groin and near side wristMedium
17/2/20BathurstMiss JadeOff side groin and Off side abrasionsMinor II
2/3/20BathurstHarry WhoOff side groin and off side pinMedium
1/2/20Wentworth ParkChilli ChealOff side groin and off side thigh muscleMedium
30/4/20DaptoVelocity BottinoOff side groin injuryMinor II
8/4/20RichmondTiger NineOff side groin muscleMinor II
21/3/20The GardensSeb Zarr MoonieOff side groin strainMinor II
26/2/20Wentworth ParkSambella OstiOff side groin strain and off side pin muscleMedium
29/2/20TareeHurunui AlyssaOff side groin tearMajor I
7/2/20BathurstMy DixieOff side hamstringMinor II
3/3/20GoulburnNordic BeautyOff side hamstringMinor II
1/5/20RichmondSway BarsOff side hamstringMinor II
15/5/20RichmondBar The PunkOff side hamstringMinor II
16/6/20GosfordBear’s OctaneOff side hamstringMinor II
27/1/20BathurstDana HolyfieldOff side Hamstring & Spike Wound Off side HindMinor II
31/1/20RichmondOmbre RoseOff side hindMinor II
14/1/20GosfordAston LaneOff side Hind Abraded Foot PadMedium
26/1/20TemoraSycamore SallyOff side hind back muscleMajor I
17/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensLost SoulOff side hind deep flexorMinor II
17/6/20TareeReminderOff side hind deep flexorMinor II
17/3/20GosfordCosmic SpeedwayOff side Hind Deep Flexor and Toe SorenessMinor II
28/1/20GosfordFederal MonsterOff side hind deep flexor muscleMinor II
25/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensTransistorOff side Hind Deep Flexor SorenessMinor II
10/3/20GosfordBumpy ExpressOff side hind deep flexor sorenessMinor II
31/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensZipping BostonOff side Hind Deep FlexorsMinor II
16/6/20GosfordTrace Of BlackOff side hind dislocated toeMedium
28/2/20The Gardens TwilightMum’s MagicOff side hind flexor muscleMedium
13/1/20GraftonGina’s JiveOff side hind footMinor I
22/3/20Broken HillWise MillerOff side hind foot sorenessMinor II
25/6/20DaptoLady StarkOff side hind foot spike woundMinor II
6/3/20DubboMetallic FlashOff side hind Gracilis MuscleMajor I
6/3/20DubboIrinka CaesarOff side hind Gracilis MuscleMajor I
16/6/20GosfordBlazin’ SophieOff side hind lacerationMedium
12/1/20RichmondRiff GirlOff side hind quadMedium
27/6/20Wentworth ParkBeau HerreraOff side hind quad muscleMinor II
17/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensSenor MarinaOff side hind quad sorenessMinor II
28/5/20GosfordDouble FictionOff side hind quad strainMedium
17/3/20GoulburnFoxy MollyOff side hind sand toeMinor I
28/1/20GoulburnAngry CycloneOff side hind sesamoidMinor II
7/6/20RichmondDare To ZlatanOff side hind sesamoidMedium
15/5/20BathurstMission ManOff side hind sorenessMinor II
6/3/20DubboSon Of EliOff side hind spike woundsMinor II
27/2/20GoulburnCracklin’ ZacOff side hind split webbingMedium
14/2/20RichmondUma AllenOff side hind sprung toeMajor I
14/6/20Wagga WaggaMajor DiamondOff side hind sprung toeMedium
28/6/20Wagga WaggaWe Go TogetherOff side hind sprung toeMedium
16/1/20MaitlandKyron’s WayOff side hind stifleMedium
5/6/20RichmondFlash High BallOff side hind toeMinor II
24/1/20DubboArrogant DoraOff side Hind Toe Fracture & Off side Fore Dew Claw LacerationMajor I
17/2/20BathurstArrogant KatieOff side Hind toe injuryMinor II
22/5/20RichmondRabbitoh MichOff side hind toe nailMinor II
9/1/20DaptoDeclan HarpOff side hind toe nail injuryMinor I
19/6/20GoulburnFontezzaOff side hind toenailMinor II
22/6/20BathurstMiss UrbanOff side hind webbing (spike)Medium
18/2/20GosfordWinlock WillowOff side hind whip muscleMinor II
8/5/20The GardensEsther’s LilyOff side hind, deep flexorMinor II
21/1/20LismoreHippie TrendOff side hipMinor II
26/1/20RichmondBanjo The GreatOff side hipMinor II
6/3/20RichmondLanmor DollarsOff side hipMinor II
22/3/20RichmondCausing HavocOff side hipMajor I
11/6/20CasinoDistant StarOff side hipMinor II
16/6/20LismoreStop An’ PawsOff side hipMinor II
21/3/20Wentworth ParkFast Car DrivingOff side hip and off side back muscleMajor I
6/2/20GoulburnAcoustic LeeOff side Hip and Off side shoulder injuryMajor I
16/2/20RichmondCoco SuzyOff side hip and whip muscleMedium
2/5/20The GardensKiarni JoeOff side hip flexor injuryMinor II
3/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensEarly RiserOff side Hip InjuryMedium
29/2/20The GardensI’m Blue TooOff side hip injuryMedium
25/6/20DaptoPram BoyOff side hip sorenessMinor II
9/2/20DubboFelony OneOff side Hip SupportMedium
24/2/20BathurstScar CargoOff side Hip SupportMedium
1/1/20Wentworth ParkFabre YapOff side hip supportMinor II
1/1/20Wentworth ParkFabre YapOff side hip supportMinor II
3/1/20RichmondDoonside GemOff side hip supportMinor II
14/1/20GoulburnHymie BlackOff side hip supportMedium
21/1/20LismoreDouble BlitzOff side hip supportMedium
22/1/20Wentworth ParkCarson BaleOff side hip supportMajor I
26/1/20GunnedahSweet Miss LollyOff side hip supportMinor II
5/2/20RichmondMillion To OneOff side hip supportMedium
13/2/20DaptoCome On KingOff side hip supportMajor I
15/2/20The GardensHurtle MyrtleOff side hip supportMedium
2/3/20NowraEbony BelleOff side hip supportMajor I
22/3/20RichmondBilly BallowsOff side hip supportMajor I
3/4/20GoulburnCatch A KeyOff side hip supportMajor I
16/4/20DubboCharlie CaseyOff side hip supportMedium
18/4/20GraftonTranquil RoadOff side hip supportMajor I
27/4/20BathurstFelony OneOff side hip supportMinor II
27/4/20BathurstRocky’s BrotherOff side hip supportMedium
5/5/20GoulburnTen Of ClubsOff side hip supportMedium
8/5/20BathurstArrogant AlexOff side hip supportMinor II
18/5/20BathurstRockstar KhaliOff side hip supportMedium
20/5/20GraftonFreda’s PrideOff side hip supportMinor II
22/5/20BathurstOn The WatchOff side hip supportMinor II
26/5/20The GardensStormy DuchessOff side hip supportMedium
26/1/20RichmondLochinvar DynamoOff side hip support & near side hind abrasionsMinor II
26/1/20RichmondCohen’s DreamOff side hip support & off side shoulderMedium
5/5/20The GardensSon Of GusOff side hip support and groinMedium
24/3/20LismoreGold GraceOff side hip support and laceration to off side hind footMedium
17/4/20BathurstO’lonnieOff side hip support and off side back muscleMajor I
29/2/20The GardensLeopard TreeOff side hip support injuryMinor II
26/5/20GoulburnDandalup MistyOff side hip support injuryMajor I
12/6/20DubboFancy DianneOff side hip support muscleMedium
15/6/20BathurstCohen’s DreamOff side hip support muscleMedium
7/5/20GosfordRivergum RoadOff side hip support strainMinor II
5/2/20RichmondRuby SiouxOff side hip support, abdominal muscle strainMinor II
30/3/20BathurstIrinka LloydOff side hip support, and near side back muscleMedium
29/2/20Wentworth ParkZiping BostonOff side hip, off side shoulder & lumbar spineMedium
1/2/20Wentworth ParkShez Good BroOff side hockMajor II
13/6/20BulliFancy MacOff side hockMajor II
21/6/20RichmondPyrenees AcclaimOff side hock and abrasion to the off side stopperMinor II
16/6/20GosfordJabeniOff side hock and fore pastern sorenessMedium
1/2/20TareeCool BroOff side hock fractureMajor II
22/2/20TareeLots Of DiamondsOff side hock fractureMajor I
6/3/20DubboLittle TrojanOff side Hock FractureMajor II
28/3/20The GardensWarrumbungle GemOff side Hock FractureMajor II
20/4/20BathurstHey ArthurOff side hock fractureMajor II
28/5/20GosfordPrincess ZestaOff side hock fractureMajor II
17/5/20RichmondHere’s ZiggyOff side hock injuryMajor II
24/6/20GunnedahMolly Doubt FireOff side hock luxationMajor II
23/3/20BathurstSlim SadieOff side hock minor lacerationMinor II
6/5/20GraftonRoxbell RoxyOff side latissimus dorsi/trapeziusMinor II
14/1/20GoulburnPoppy JackOff side metacarpalMinor II
24/5/20Wagga WaggaSunlit ConswalaOff side metatarsalMajor I
12/6/20The GardensTornado TwistOff side pad lacerationMajor I
17/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensPenicheOff side pelvisMajor II
9/1/20DaptoRosey’s FantasyOff side pencil muscleMinor II
15/3/20RichmondLeft UnsaidOff side pinMajor I
17/4/20RichmondEsther’s AngelOff side pinMedium
27/6/20BulliMakin’ MiloOff side pinMajor I
14/3/20BulliMagical ManOff side pin 28 days incapacitation issuedMajor I
6/4/20MaitlandSilly MillyOff side pin and quad musclesMedium
8/5/20GoulburnRipper RitaOff side pin musceMajor I
16/3/20BathurstIrinka SusanOff side Pin MuscleMajor I
14/1/20GoulburnSuave WendyOff side pin muscleMajor I
24/1/20Wentworth ParkStart A RiotOff side pin muscleMajor I
2/2/20RichmondPure CharismaOff side pin muscleMedium
4/2/20LismoreBaron Von StrudOff side pin muscleMajor I
6/2/20GoulburnBorderlineOff side Pin muscleMedium
25/2/20GosfordSupreme StyleOff side pin muscleMinor II
26/2/20Wentworth ParkDantelahOff side pin muscleMedium
27/3/20DubboBilly Boom BoomOff side pin muscleMedium
27/3/20RichmondMoney Too TightOff side pin muscleMajor I
17/4/20GoulburnNoisy LadOff side pin muscleMajor I
17/4/20GoulburnBardo BlueOff side pin muscleMajor I
19/4/20GunnedahDana Big JohnnyOff side pin muscleMedium
20/4/20BathurstSilent ShadowOff side pin muscleMedium
29/4/20GunnedahCome On GeorgeOff side pin muscleMedium
29/4/20GunnedahHurtle MyrtleOff side pin muscleMinor II
30/4/20DubboHow’s It BlazingOff side pin muscleMedium
4/5/20GosfordMolly Doubt FireOff side pin muscleMinor II
4/5/20GosfordLochinvar ChaseOff side pin muscleMedium
5/5/20GoulburnCatch A KeyOff side pin muscleMinor II
7/5/20LismoreLeonoraOff side pin muscleMedium
20/5/20GraftonSlipping AwayOff side pin muscleMinor II
21/5/20DubboSunriseOff side pin muscleMinor II
2/6/20GoulburnSilver SilliOff side pin muscleMedium
3/6/20TareeStorm AgainOff side pin muscleMedium
12/6/20RichmondZipping ReynoldsOff side pin muscleMedium
12/6/20DubboMulla Mulla LadOff side pin muscleMinor II
25/6/20MaitlandFlying AsparagusOff side pin muscleMedium
27/6/20Wentworth ParkNangar RidgeOff side pin muscleMinor II
5/6/20DubboWicked CharlieOff side pin muscle and both hip supportsMedium
21/4/20LismorePeridaOff side pin muscle and laceration both hind legsMedium
12/6/20DubboDeputy DaveOff side pin muscle and off side hip supportMedium
4/2/20GosfordIma CaravanOff side Pin Muscle SorenessMedium
16/2/20GunnedahUno DaveOff side pin muscle sorenessMedium
24/6/20GunnedahRutland MadisonOff side pin muscle sorenessMinor II
13/3/20The GardensMaja MackerelOff side Pin Muscle StrainMinor II
28/5/20GosfordDiddy MagicOff side pin muscle strainMinor II
30/1/20MaitlandRandom MonkeyOff side Pin Muscle TearMedium
8/2/20The GardensBelieve MeOff side Pin Muscle TearMedium
14/5/20DubboArrogant DustyOff side pin muscle, off side and near side hind muscleMedium
20/4/20MaitlandDouble DropOff side pin muscle, off side back muscle strain and near side wrist injuryMedium
17/6/20TareeDonna DolphinOff side quadMinor II
17/6/20TareeRivergum RidgeOff side quadMinor II
27/4/20MaitlandHappy DashOff side quadricepsMinor II
3/6/20TareeJealous AganOff side quadricepsMinor II
3/6/20TareeElectraOff side quadricepsMedium
18/2/20GosfordMr. CompliantOff side radiusMedium
17/3/20LismorePhantom RazorOff side sesamoid injuryMinor II
27/1/20BathurstDana Good OneOff side ShoulderMinor II
4/1/20Wentworth ParkTank’s RhinoOff side shoulderMinor II
4/1/20Wentworth ParkLove The LovelyOff side shoulderMinor II
11/1/20BulliAnother DiscoOff side shoulderMinor II
19/1/20RichmondStorm TempestOff side shoulderMinor II
19/1/20RichmondPokeyOff side shoulderMedium
2/2/20RichmondIrinka MasonOff side shoulderMedium
14/2/20The Gardens TwilightDominant JackOff side shoulderMedium
1/3/20TemoraGet Go BoyOff side shoulderMinor II
2/3/20NowraShady CometOff side shoulderMedium
22/3/20RichmondCyprusOff side shoulderMinor II
31/3/20GoulburnHe Can FlyOff side shoulderMedium
5/4/20RichmondLanmore BabeOff side shoulderMinor II
11/4/20BulliAnother DiscoOff side shoulderMinor II
1/5/20BathurstArrogant DustyOff side shoulderMinor II
1/5/20RichmondMayhem FollowedOff side shoulderMinor II
9/5/20BulliTomerong TerrorOff side shoulderMinor II
24/5/20Wagga WaggaWestside PlowerOff side shoulderMajor I
30/5/20GraftonBrodecOff side shoulderMedium
12/6/20GoulburnSojournOff side shoulderMedium
17/6/20TareePocket RocketOff side shoulderMinor II
19/6/20GoulburnVisionsOff side shoulder
9/6/20GoulburnBuckeye BillOff side shoulder and chestMajor I
30/6/20LismoreGo Wild FellaOff side shoulder and elbowMajor I
14/2/20The Gardens TwilightDouble DreamOff side shoulder and hip supportMinor II
1/5/20BathurstJacobite DoubleOff side shoulder and laceration off side hind legMinor II
22/5/20GoulburnScott LuckyOff side shoulder and multiple lacerations near side hindMajor I
10/6/20Wentworth ParkKnocker EllyOff side shoulder and off side back muscleMedium
25/4/20BulliPlatinum StatusOff side shoulder and off side thighMedium
12/6/20GoulburnJacobite BeauOff side shoulder and spike off side foreMinor II
11/5/20BathurstDajanco ZarrOff side shoulder bruising and near side metatarsal abrasionMinor II
20/1/20BathurstBugatti ChironOff side shoulder injuryMedium
25/4/20The GardensGuy IncognitoOff side shoulder sorenessMinor II
6/6/20The GardensWyatt AshOff side shoulder sorenessMinor II
18/6/20DaptoRosie’s AngelOff side shoulder strainMinor II
6/2/20DaptoDucati GeorgeOff side shoulder, off side groin and off side hip supportMedium
29/6/20NowraSpring ChiliOff side shoulder, off side pectoralMinor II
28/4/20GoulburnBeannie AllenOff side spike woundMinor I
20/5/20RichmondDespicable DixieOff side stomach muscle tearMedium
2/3/20NowraFancy StarOff side stopperMedium
9/5/20RichmondPram BoyOff side stopperMedium
5/5/20GoulburnBenny KneebrandOff side stopper tendonMedium
23/2/20RichmondDouble FictionOff side thighMinor II
25/3/20RichmondBiddyken HaichOff side thighMinor II
19/2/20Wentworth ParkBar The PunkOff side thigh, and neck sorenessMinor II
24/4/20GoulburnSwordfish FozOff side toe sorenessMinor II
12/1/20GunnedahRaekeyOff side tricepsMedium
23/3/20BathurstSpring FaithOff side tricepsMedium
20/5/20GunnedahOpal SkyOff side tricepsMedium
2/5/20RichmondInfra BlueOff side whip muscleMinor II
1/3/20RichmondPram BoyOff side whip muscle, near side lateral digital extensorMedium
2/1/20DaptoSaint GallonOff side wristMedium
11/1/20WauchopeCundle JayOff side wristMinor II
18/1/20Wentworth ParkOpen SlatherOff side wristMedium
3/2/20GraftonGina’s JiveOff side wristMinor II
4/2/20GoulburnSuper ArchieOff side wristMinor II
4/3/20Wentworth ParkSlick BuddyOff side wristMedium
11/3/20RichmondStorm TempestOff side wristMedium
17/3/20LismoreMoonlight GemmaOff side wristMedium
21/4/20LismoreO’rourkeOff side wristMinor II
2/5/20GraftonBobby BranOff side wristMinor II
8/5/20RichmondShoes MagicOff side wristMinor II
21/5/20GosfordBlueberryOff side wristMedium
23/5/20GraftonI’m Zarr RockOff side wristMinor II
30/6/20LismoreDimitriOff side wristMinor II
21/1/20LismoreEvey BonusOff side wrist & abrasion off side hind padMinor II
12/1/20RichmondElle Nette LeeOff side wrist & off side calfMinor II
12/1/20RichmondMiss SantiagoOff side wrist and abrasions to off side and near side hindMinor II
2/3/20NowraSound Of BellesOff side wrist and off side back muscleMajor I
23/2/20Wagga WaggaFlash HornetOff side wrist injuryMinor II
17/6/20RichmondKobaOff side wrist injuryMinor II
27/1/20BathurstAway MissOff side Wrist SorenessMinor II
12/6/20The GardensHidden PotentialOff side wrist sorenessMajor I
13/6/20Broken HillGreat AceOff side wrist sorenessMinor II
14/1/20GosfordMagic AwaitsOff side Wrist SprainMedium
16/2/20GunnedahEmerley Mee TooOff side wrist sprainMinor II
21/3/20The GardensPure LogicOff side wrist sprainMinor II
23/3/20BathurstTop FortyOff side wrist sprainMinor II
18/4/20GraftonSavoy GamblerOff side wrist sprainMinor II
8/6/20GraftonCedar IzmirOff side wrist sprainMinor II
24/3/20LismoreMoscow MuleOff side wrist/stopper boneMajor II
13/1/20BathurstBigger Then ThemOff- side hip supportMedium
1/1/20RichmondIron Eyes PunkOffiside pin muscleMinor II
17/1/20RichmondBlack MissilePain in both hipsMinor II
8/6/20GraftonCappuccinoPartial off side back muscle tearMajor I
18/6/20CasinoSkitzo BrianPartial tear near side back muscleMajor I
15/5/20GoulburnAircapt LadyPoor post race recoveryMinor II
10/1/20RichmondBig Tommy NitroPoor post-race recoveryMinor II
15/1/20RichmondBoys Go LocoPoor post-race recoveryMajor I
15/3/20MuswellbrookJohn’s DestinyPoor Race RecoveryMinor II
14/2/20Wagga WaggaChanger’s ChancePossible Fracture Near side ShoulderMajor II
17/1/20RichmondFunky EthicsPossible fracture off side shoulder Unable to bear weight on off side fore legMajor I
12/1/20GunnedahNitro FlarePossible fracture to off side hockMajor I
4/4/20BulliFinal VerdictPost exercise distress syndromeMinor II
7/4/20GoulburnBoston FocusPost race cramping, no time offMinor I
8/3/20RichmondCool FergusPost-race crampingMinor II
27/5/20GunnedahDam The ManPost-race crampingMinor I
3/3/20LismoreAzure GamblerPresented with DiarrhoeaMedium
21/5/20LismoreBo Nok BeachPuncture wound left hockMinor II
8/2/20TemoraSpring BarneyPuncture wound near side metatarsalMinor II
9/2/20DubboArrogant ArchiePuncture Wound Off side HindMedium
23/1/20DaptoDyna ZultanRight back muscle injuryMajor I
30/1/20DaptoSugar SkullsRight Back Muscle injuryMajor I
25/2/20LismoreKulu JasperRight Back Muscle injuryMajor I
7/3/20KempseyShe’s A RangaRight back muscle injuryMajor I
7/4/20GraftonRegal WazRight back muscle injuryMajor I
7/4/20GoulburnAmazing ArcherRight back muscle injuryMajor I
22/4/20GraftonMerriwaRight back muscle injuryMajor I
21/5/20LismoreRelease RodgerRight back muscle injuryMajor I
28/6/20RichmondWild WallyRight back muscle injuryMajor I
3/2/20NowraRed RufusRight Dew Claw injuryMinor II
13/2/20GoulburnBlack ShadowRight front pad injuryMinor II
3/6/20RichmondHeartlikeRight groin and left fan muscle injuriesMajor I
2/4/20DaptoJust Nimble ItRight groin and shoulder injuryMinor II
24/2/20NowraZaviers MonaroRight Groin injuryMedium
10/3/20LismoreCall Me WisdomRight Groin InjuryMedium
20/3/20RichmondPlatinum StatusRight groin injuryMedium
7/4/20GoulburnBago RubyRight groin injuryMedium
23/4/20DaptoPasserbyRight groin injuryMinor II
23/4/20DaptoLet Me NoRight groin injuryMinor II
16/5/20RichmondSabata RaptorRight groin injuryMinor II
28/5/20DaptoCol CowboyRight groin injuryMajor I
5/6/20GoulburnSuper DobleRight groin injuryMinor II
19/3/20GoulburnDespicable TerryRight groin strain and left foreleg abrasionMedium
13/2/20GoulburnKate’s CuddlesRight hind foot lacerationMedium
7/4/20GoulburnMagic BlazeRight hind foot quick injury, no time offMinor I
29/1/20RichmondSupreme StarRight Hip & Left shoulder injuriesMedium
29/1/20RichmondBlack MonsterRight Hip injuryMedium
24/2/20NowraGitcha QuickRight Hip injuryMinor II
26/4/20RichmondSet To BeRight hip support and chest muscle injuriesMedium
14/1/20LismoreStop An’ PawsRight Hip Support InjuryMedium
6/3/20CasinoRobell MillyRight hip support injuryMedium
21/2/20CasinoAccolade RoyalRight hip support injury and abrasions to left front stopper padMedium
25/1/20NowraCannon RunRight hip support muscle injuryMedium
13/2/20GoulburnZavittinaRight Hip Support muscle injuryMedium
12/3/20DaptoSunburnt CityRight Hip Support muscle injuryMajor I
7/4/20GoulburnLagoon RhettRight hip support muscle injuryMajor I
14/4/20GoulburnDad’s NitroRight hip support muscle injuryMajor I
3/6/20RichmondMillion To OneRight hip support muscle injuryMedium
7/3/20BulliMidnight SiouxRight Hip Support muscle strainMedium
4/1/20GawlerGotta MaggieRIGHT HOCK INJURYMajor II
4/1/20GawlerWood WormRIGHT HOCK SORENESSMedium
4/1/20GawlerDuece VictoremRIGHT MONKEY MUSCLE INJURYMajor I
29/1/20RichmondNero PrinceRight Pin Muscle injuryMinor II
24/2/20NowraDads NitroRight Pin Muscle injuryMajor I
21/2/20CasinoPatch WhelanRight pin muscle injury and abraded pad left hind footMedium
27/2/20DaptoYoung RodgerRight shoulder & left hind foot nail injuriesMedium
16/5/20RichmondLegaciesRight shoulder sorenessMinor II
2/4/20DaptoAston ExcaliburRight thigh injuryMinor II
3/2/20NowraNeddy AlexanderRight thigh, left shoulder and lower back injuriesMedium
2/6/20LismoreJust His StyleRight whip muscle injury, right wrist injury and minor laceration to right shoulderMinor II
13/3/20CasinoSpot A StormRight wrist injuryMedium
21/4/20GoulburnFamily SpiritRight wrist injuryMedium
21/2/20CasinoGood To KnowRight wrist sorenessMinor II
3/4/20GraftonNot Now HoneyRight wrist sprainMedium
23/6/20GosfordJet JacksonRipped nail off side hind footMedium
25/5/20BathurstStar CaseyRuptured achilles tendonMajor II
22/3/20Broken HillBangor MistScouring bloodMinor II
6/5/20RichmondMagic BeansScoursMinor II
6/5/20RichmondCool FergusScoursMinor I
18/2/20LismoreAudrey’s MateSeizureMinor II
1/6/20BathurstAddalinaSevere abrasion near side hindMinor II
1/3/20RichmondDonna’s DiamondSevere abrasions to both hind padsMedium
27/3/20DubboMitch CargoSevere stomach muscle tear and bruisingMajor I
26/5/20LismoreHoganShin soreness left and right hind legsMinor II
23/5/20GraftonAll Over RockerShin soreness off side fore and off side hindMinor II
28/1/20LismoreFirefly BlueyShin soreness to off side front & hind leg, plus minor injury to off side hip supportMedium
19/1/20DubboAria’s ParadiseSkin Abrasion & Soreness Off side Hind ToeMinor II
4/4/20GraftonRuby RedneckSmall laceration to right hind footMinor II
2/5/20BulliSugar SkullsSore left pectoral muscle and strain right hip support muscleMedium
16/1/20GoulburnRitza BabeSore off side pectoral muscleMinor II
24/6/20RichmondLord ZeusSoreness both hip supportsMedium
17/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensBog ClaimsSoreness in both wristsMinor II
16/5/20RichmondTowering SmithSoreness left shoulder and spike injury left hind legMinor II
10/5/20RichmondGood Odds ArmaniSoreness lower backMinor II
31/1/20DubboWinlock GummySoreness Lumbar BackMinor II
16/5/20BulliFamily SpiritSoreness near side carpusMajor I
7/1/20GosfordRivergum BuckSoreness near side hind quartersMinor II
23/4/20DubboZipping BramSoreness near side hip supportMinor II
12/2/20RichmondStorm TempestSoreness off side hamstringMinor II
9/2/20DubboIrondale LimaSoreness Off side Pin MuscleMinor II
22/5/20GoulburnRumble MasterSoreness off side shoulder and multiple abrasions off side hind toeMinor II
22/1/20RichmondRev SetSoreness off side thigh muscleMinor II
31/1/20DubboHow’s It BlazingSoreness Tail Base & GlutealsMinor II
24/1/20DubboAria’s ParadiseSoreness to both hipsMedium
11/5/20GosfordHyperboleSoreness to deep flexors on both sidesMinor II
8/2/20BulliThird ExitSoreness to left Fibula, Right Hip Support Muscle injury & “spike” injuries to both front legsMedium
1/5/20GoulburnButterfly’s BestSoreness to left leg and left hip support muscle injuryMedium
8/2/20BulliRoad Lee LassSoreness to left Whip MuscleMinor II
13/1/20NowraTopper PhoenixSoreness to right shoulder, hip support and groin. “Spike” injuries to right hind foot and left hockMedium
30/6/20GoulburnForever DreamingSoreness to spine and both hip supportsMinor II
15/5/20GoulburnMr KnoxvilleSoreness to vectoral muscle and abrasion to near side fore padMedium
8/6/20NowraTomerong FlyerSpike injuries all four feetMinor I
23/5/20BulliBago EclipseSpike injuries left hind footMinor I
23/5/20BulliIshaniSpike injuries right hind footMinor I
23/5/20BulliAussie SwiperSpike injuries to both front feetMinor I
10/3/20LismoreNaveedSpike injury and a haematoma to the left hind footMedium
22/4/20RichmondSon Of SizzleSpike injury left dew clawMinor I
30/5/20BulliKwong MagicSpike injury left forefoot and soreness to right hip support muscleMinor II
19/3/20GoulburnEl CheapoSpike injury left hind footMinor II
3/6/20RichmondMoney Too TightSpike injury left hind footMinor I
20/6/20BulliWally GatorSpike injury left hind toeMinor I
18/1/20NowraMidsummer RufusSpike injury left wristMinor I
28/5/20DaptoHigh PriestessSpike injury right forefootMinor I
21/4/20GoulburnFirestone AlleySpike injury right forelegMinor II
23/4/20DaptoNangar LillySpike injury right hind footMinor I
24/2/20NowraBe My FriendSpike injury to left hind footMinor II
9/4/20DaptoNon PlussedSpike injury x2 left hind footMinor I
23/4/20DaptoDivya BaleSpike left hind footMinor I
14/5/20DaptoExplosive CherrySpike mark off side hind footMinor I
2/3/20NowraStilton CorkySpike marks to both hind legsMinor I
12/2/20Wentworth ParkNon PlussedSpike marks to the near side hind footMinor I
7/6/20RichmondAstronomicalSpike near side hindMinor II
17/1/20Wentworth ParkZipping SarahSpike off side fore footMinor I
13/5/20RichmondMayhem FollowedSpike off side hindMinor II
7/6/20RichmondShip Of FoolsSpike off side hindMinor I
20/5/20GraftonLucy Van PeltSpike off side hind footMinor II
27/6/20The GardensPeaky PubSpike wound and abrasion to near side hindMinor I
23/3/20NowraPromotionSpike wound near side elbowMinor I
12/5/20GoulburnDarcy’s CrystalSpike wound near side foreMinor I
9/4/20DubboMiss ZahnnSpike wound near side foreMinor II
22/2/20The GardensThat’s Lil CocoSpike wound near side fore footMinor II
29/5/20The GardensChop SueySpike wound near side fore footMinor II
15/5/20GoulburnIn My ShadowSpike wound near side fore toes, abrasion near side hind padMinor II
25/4/20BulliUtah ExpressSpike wound near side hindMinor I
24/5/20Wagga WaggaLevel NevilleSpike wound near side hindMinor II
27/5/20RichmondCruxSpike wound near side hindMinor I
28/5/20CasinoDarling DisplaySpike wound near side hind footMinor I
6/6/20The GardensPick A WhackerSpike wound near side hind footMinor II
5/6/20The GardensFlash LogieSpike wound near side hind legMinor I
19/1/20DubboGone AmissSpike Wound Near side Hind ToeMinor II
18/3/20RichmondHot KiwiSpike wound near side hind toeMinor II
2/5/20RichmondPrivate TearsSpike wound near side hind toeMinor I
12/2/20RichmondTouring SoonSpike wound near side hind webbingMinor II
8/5/20BathurstAlf MulweeSpike wound near side wristMinor I
8/5/20BathurstHarry WhoSpike wound off side and near side hind, bruising off side hindMinor II
4/6/20DaptoNangar LillySpike wound off side foreMinor II
22/5/20RichmondDowntownSpike wound off side fore toeMinor II
24/6/20Wentworth ParkFever FrenzySpike wound off side fore toeMedium
2/2/20RichmondUnleash To ExcelSpike wound off side hindMinor II
7/6/20TemoraCawbourne SophieSpike wound off side hindMinor I
6/3/20DubboKhartoumSpike wound off side hind footMinor I
6/6/20The GardensMel’s BelleSpike wound off side hind foot, torn nail off side fore footMinor II
19/5/20LismoreKingsbrae BantonSpike wound off side hind legMinor II
29/2/20The GardensLatelySpike wound off side hind leg and near side shoulder strainMinor II
14/3/20The GardensDespicable PeteSpike wound off side hind leg and torn toenail off side hind footMinor II
23/4/20DubboKarinya MannSpike wound off side hind pawMinor II
16/4/20DubboGalliano GirlSpike wound off side hind toe and near side foreleg. Laceration near side hind toeMinor II
18/2/20GoulburnSin Rap SpeedySpike wound to chinMinor I
27/5/20GunnedahJargon JimmySpike wound to near side forefootMinor II
9/5/20The GardensFizz TankSpike wound to near side forelegMinor II
10/5/20RichmondPure CharismaSpike wound to near side hindMinor II
27/6/20The GardensLizard LickerSpike wound to near side hindMinor II
31/3/20The GardensRivergum RoadSpike wound to near side hind footMedium
9/5/20The GardensStorm AgainSpike wound to near side hind legMinor II
30/5/20The GardensKrisbar ImmySpike wound to near side hind legMinor II
25/4/20The GardensEnjoy YourselfSpike wound to off side forefootMinor II
4/6/20MaitlandEnjoy YourselfSpike wound to off side forelegMinor II
30/5/20The GardensGrand AudreySpike wound to off side foreleg and soreness to both shouldersMinor II
22/2/20TamworthRuby’s SagaSpike wound to off side hind footMinor II
5/4/20GunnedahHoncho RocksSpike wound to off side hind pawMinor II
26/6/20RichmondLucy’s QuestSpike wounds near side hindMinor II
19/6/20RichmondLegendary OpalSpike wounds near side stifleMinor II
26/4/20Wagga WaggaBethpageSpike wounds to both hind feetMinor II
8/1/20Wentworth ParkAngry MonsoonSpike wounds to both hind legsMinor I
18/6/20DaptoGharbSpike wounds to both hind legsMinor I
25/1/20NowraTotal FictionSpike wounds to both rear feetMinor I
25/1/20NowraSeaside ShuffleSpike wounds to both rear feetMinor I
18/1/20NowraNerrimungaSpike” injury left hind footMinor I
18/1/20NowraSecret ObsessionSpike” injury right back muscleMinor I
6/1/20GraftonBenny RoadSplit webbing left front footMedium
7/2/20RichmondBiddyken HaichSplit webbing left hind footMedium
12/5/20LismoreRuby RedneckSplit webbing near side hindMedium
30/4/20DaptoDyna KaraSplit webbing near side hind and bite wound to tongueMajor I
5/5/20The GardensChina O’brienSplit webbing near side hind footMinor II
28/6/20RichmondArctic KingdomSplit webbing off side foot and laceration to left hind legMedium
20/4/20BathurstMy Bro ConnorSplit webbing off side foreMajor I
29/5/20GoulburnBeanie AllenSplit webbing off side fore pawMedium
7/1/20LismoreKingsbrae BiddySplit webbing off side front footMedium
7/4/20GoulburnHalf A MinyaSplit webbing right front footMedium
25/1/20NowraSuperfast LoveSplit webbing right hind footMedium
11/2/20GoulburnDana CandySprained ligament end joint Off side hind toeMedium
29/4/20RichmondI’m Blue TooSprained off side hockMedium
14/2/20The Gardens TwilightPower To WynSprained off side wristMinor II
21/1/20GosfordBella CenaSprung nail to near side hindMedium
14/4/20GoulburnArmandoSprung right toeMajor I
17/6/20TareeMain AttractionSprung toe off side fore footMedium
8/2/20BulliGet On ItStrain to left hip support muscleMinor II
4/1/20Wentworth ParkCosmic BlendStrained abdominal muscleMinor II
25/1/20RichmondGlengarrie BoyStrained back muscleMedium
15/5/20RichmondBig Tommy NitroStrained near side back muscleMedium
7/2/20The Gardens TwilightGoodwin ThommoStrained near side hind deep flexorMinor II
22/1/20Wentworth ParkWhere’s EllaStrained near side whip muscle, and general back sorenessMedium
17/6/20TareeSketchy OneStrained off side pin muscleMinor II
19/2/20Wentworth ParkStar PlatinumStrained off side whip muscleMinor II
13/5/20GraftonZombie QueenSuperficial abrasion on faceMinor I
10/2/20GraftonMaserati CloudSuperficial abrasions both hind legsMinor II
19/5/20LismoreKingsbrae JeffSuperficial abrasions both hind legsMinor I
31/1/20RichmondBear’s OctaneSuperficial grazedMinor II
29/2/20The GardensCandy MoonSuperficial scratches to both hind legsMinor I
15/4/20GraftonKooringa LucySuspected fractured off side fore metacarpalMajor I
12/5/20LismoreArgent GamblerSuspected near side wrist fractureMajor II
19/1/20DubboWinlock PirateSuspected tail bone fracture & lacerationMajor II
15/2/20The GardensFlashy MannerSwollen off side elbowMedium
7/6/20TemoraFancy GemTail lacerationMinor I
22/5/20The GardensBlack OrchardTail sorenessMinor II
8/6/20NowraMy BuddyTear in scar tissue left back muscleMedium
3/4/20The GardensLike BillyoTender in near side groin and wrist
10/1/20Ladbrokes The GardensUnique PortraitTendon ligament soreness to near side foreMinor I
25/6/20DaptoAmistadTip taken off off side dew clawMinor I
24/1/20CasinoBralyn IceToe Injury Right front footMajor I
8/4/20GraftonPayment TimeToe ligament damage left hind footMedium
29/2/20CoonambleSnowie GuerreroTorn Gracillis Off side HindMajor I
3/6/20BulliCee Jay’s BoyTorn near side back muscleMajor I
14/6/20RichmondJugungal QueenTorn near side back muscleMedium
12/5/20The GardensFrom The GalleryTorn near side groinMedium
12/5/20The GardensAngry HurricaneTorn near side groinMedium
17/6/20TareeEasy Sloy BoyTorn near side hip supportMedium
6/4/20MaitlandMy Boy BeauTorn near side pin muscleMajor I
1/5/20The GardensMaddy’s A TigerTorn near side stopper ligamentMedium
28/1/20GosfordDoran’s BlissTorn off side fore toenailMinor II
13/4/20MaitlandDouble FictionTorn off side hip supportMajor II
16/2/20RichmondSketchy ImpactTorn off side pin muscleMedium
3/6/20TareeSketchy ImpactTorn off side pin muscleMajor I
18/4/20The GardensSleek DefierTorn off side shoulderMedium
17/5/20Wagga WaggaTickled PinkTorn off side shoulderMajor I
2/3/20GraftonBlanko BoyTorn webbing off side front footMedium
21/3/20BulliRunway OscarVomit in kennels post- raceMedium
17/3/20LismoreClover PoppaVomiting post-raceMedium
28/2/20The Gardens TwilightBlossoming RoseMinor I
Example of greyhounds colliding and falling

Pre-race Injuries and Illnesses

The individuals below were either sick or injured prior to racing.

28/4/20 Lismore Phantom Razor PRE-RACE back muscle injury, late scratching
31/5/20 Richmond Blinks PRE-RACE blood in urine Minor II
30/6/20 Lismore Backcreek Bandit PRE-RACE broken off side hind toenail
9/6/20 Lismore Kulu Chance PRE-RACE diarrhoea
2/6/20 Lismore Paris Gambler PRE-RACE infected left front foot
1/4/20 Grafton Where’s Twenty PRE-RACE injured
1/4/20 Grafton Karaoke Cloud PRE-RACE injured
1/4/20 Richmond Red Tiger Lady PRE-RACE injured
1/4/20 Richmond Tap Tux PRE-RACE injured
1/4/20 Richmond All Star Punk PRE-RACE injured
1/4/20 Richmond Zipping Ivy PRE-RACE injured
1/4/20 Richmond Margolis PRE-RACE injured
1/4/20 Richmond Ramage Rascal PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Dapto Winsome Stride PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Dapto Chill Out Pedro PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Dapto Nangar Kane PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Dubbo Kinloch Casey PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Dubbo Tribal Striker PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Dubbo Fusion Kiss PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Dubbo Skaikru PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Wagga Wagga King Kholi PRE-RACE injured
2/4/20 Wagga Wagga Dyna Vienna PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Richmond Hell’s Gate PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Richmond Don’t Know Darl PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Grafton Redback Katie PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Grafton Hugs Help Cloud PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Grafton Three Sore Feet PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 The Gardens Esther’s Lily PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 The Gardens From The Gallery PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 The Gardens Three Sixteen PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 The Gardens Dyna Chie PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 The Gardens Smoke ‘Em PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Goulburn Eddy Blue PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Goulburn Swordfish Foz PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Goulburn Poppy Jack PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Goulburn Smooth Pearl PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Goulburn Tanks Rhino PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Goulburn Euro Fabio PRE-RACE injured
3/4/20 Goulburn Hardaway Destiny PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 The Gardens Turbo Thomas PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 The Gardens Go Fifty Seven PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 The Gardens Sterling Archer PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 The Gardens Flak PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Black Gwydion PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Jet Black Attack PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli I’m Bullet Proof PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli All Night Fever PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Raging Ruby PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Zipping Sultan PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Lightning Vision PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Mauritian Kaulka PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Out Of Sprite PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Tomerong Terror PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Bulli Milakai PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Grafton Linley’s Flash PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Grafton Pretty Paws PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Grafton Corvette Cloud PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Grafton Ripple Rumble PRE-RACE injured
4/4/20 Grafton Steffi’s Angel PRE-RACE injured
5/4/20 Richmond Go Wild Souvlaki PRE-RACE injured
5/4/20 Richmond Zipping Falcon PRE-RACE injured
5/4/20 Richmond Full Powered PRE-RACE injured
5/4/20 Richmond Nangar Lilly PRE-RACE injured
5/4/20 Richmond Leyenda PRE-RACE injured
5/4/20 Richmond Tormund PRE-RACE injured
5/4/20 Richmond Posterized PRE-RACE injured
5/4/20 Gunnedah Shadow Chief PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Bathurst Jacobite Beau PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Bathurst Beer Talking PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Bathurst Myrniong Master PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Bathurst Son Of Eli PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Bathurst Magic Blast PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Maitland Sovereign Sin PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Maitland Smouldered PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Maitland Sketchy Daly PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Maitland Slick Panther PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Maitland Bumpy Express PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Maitland Sovereign Strike PRE-RACE injured
6/4/20 Maitland Nangar Cookie PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Grafton All Over Rocker PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Grafton Brave Suzy PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Grafton Audrey’s Mate PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Grafton Chatty Kathy PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Grafton One To Savour PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Grafton Not Now Honey PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Grafton Black Rocker PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Grafton Sketchy Solo PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 The Gardens Kiarni Velvet PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 The Gardens Little Prospect PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Goulburn Funky Julian PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Goulburn Despicable Nath PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Goulburn Turbo Blaze PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Goulburn I’m Blue Too PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Goulburn Guapo PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Goulburn Explosive Cherry PRE-RACE injured
7/4/20 Goulburn Bula Fab Girl PRE-RACE injured
8/4/20 Grafton Kingsbrae Bell PRE-RACE injured
8/4/20 Grafton Imelda PRE-RACE injured
8/4/20 Richmond Osmonds Wish PRE-RACE injured
8/4/20 Richmond Rapid Lightning PRE-RACE injured
8/4/20 Richmond Rapid Thunder PRE-RACE injured
8/4/20 Richmond Love The Lovely PRE-RACE injured
9/4/20 Dubbo Jack Promise PRE-RACE injured
9/4/20 Dubbo Myrniong Rocket PRE-RACE injured
9/4/20 Dubbo Bentley Keeping PRE-RACE injured
9/4/20 Dapto Velocity Bettino PRE-RACE injured
9/4/20 Dapto Forners Flame PRE-RACE injured
9/4/20 Dapto Ketakey PRE-RACE injured
9/4/20 Goulburn Cash Currenty PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Grafton Jake’s Boy PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Grafton Star Helen PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Grafton Brindalee PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Grafton Tictac Cloud PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Grafton Kingsbrae Jeff PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Grafton Hillbilly Blue PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Grafton Zanti Gracie PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Bulli National Shiraz PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Bulli Vanda Mick PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Bulli Cosmic Blend PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Bulli Lagoon Rhett PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Bulli Tranquil Slim PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 Bulli Cheeky Tunes PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 The Gardens Kid Candle PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 The Gardens Master Jake PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 The Gardens Ruddy Blush PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 The Gardens Ruby Stunner PRE-RACE injured
11/4/20 The Gardens Rancher PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Richmond Despicable Slink PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Richmond Dynamite Davey PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Richmond Annabelle Keeping PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Richmond Merlin’s Risk PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Gonzo’s Girl PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Got To Casino PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Western Bay PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Spring Barney PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Top Forty PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Rosedene Xeric PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Finn Bop PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Chew The Fat PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Show Business PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Stagger Out Bert PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Bruiser Bruce PRE-RACE injured
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Bulll’s Babe PRE-RACE injured
13/4/20 Maitland Georgie Brann PRE-RACE injured
13/4/20 Maitland Whitfield PRE-RACE injured
13/4/20 Maitland Glenidol Girl PRE-RACE injured
13/4/20 Maitland Backhander PRE-RACE injured
13/4/20 Maitland Bourne Spirit PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 The Gardens Kiss Me Nick PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Lismore Egg Shells Cloud PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Lismore Captain Trig PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Lismore Boom Yah Bonus PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Lismore Profit Plan PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Lismore Elusive Ballard PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Ruby Sioux PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Towering Smith PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Maybe Cooper PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Dimensional PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Cliffs Miss PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Babel PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Landon Bale PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Nova Sioux PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Midsummer Rufus PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn Smashing Blaze PRE-RACE injured
14/4/20 Goulburn White Sox Ethics PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Richmond Inept PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Richmond Sadeeki PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Richmond Benji Buttons PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Richmond Uma Allen PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Richmond Almost Time PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Grafton Champagne Bonus PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Grafton Braemar Beach PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Grafton Mister Chaos PRE-RACE injured
15/4/20 Grafton Release Rodger PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dubbo Banjo Avah PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dubbo Alf Mulwee PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dubbo Snapchat Shayne PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dubbo Special Jenmar PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dubbo Lady Wilshire PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dapto Eight Count PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dapto Way It Is PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dapto Nikolina PRE-RACE injured
16/4/20 Dapto Sandave Storm PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Richmond Summer Vella PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Richmond Vivarchi PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Goulburn Scott Lucky PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Goulburn Underworld Rama PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Goulburn Pacey Bale PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Goulburn Tatachilla PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Goulburn Loch Road PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Goulburn Ides Of Jebrynah PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Goulburn Zanthre Allen PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Goulburn Secret Obsession PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Bathurst On The Watch PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Bathurst Yanderra Queen PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Bathurst Do You Dig PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 Bathurst Magic Blast PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 The Gardens Margo Tanga PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 The Gardens Kiarni Sal PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 The Gardens Bowls and Holes PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 The Gardens Bella Cena PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 The Gardens All American Boy PRE-RACE injured
17/4/20 The Gardens Kirani Red PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Bulli Bugatti Chiron PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Bulli Bronze Key PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Bulli Wynburn Lilly PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Bulli Midnight Calais PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Bulli Bundi Banner PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Bulli Zipping Sultan PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 The Gardens Total Bliss PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 The Gardens Nangar Taz PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Grafton Sargeant West PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Grafton Super Gambler PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Grafton He’s Got Steel PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Grafton Short Deuce PRE-RACE injured
18/4/20 Grafton Tucabia PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Gunnedah Karter’s Potion PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Gunnedah She Knows Candy PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Gunnedah El Roller PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Gunnedah Sunshine Shadow PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Trial By Combat PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Little Utah PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Queen Loan PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond No More Partying PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Venom Cartel PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Tiggerlong Eve PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Timeless Moment PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond All Star Punk PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Steeley Eyed Punk PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Stop The Shine PRE-RACE injured
19/4/20 Richmond Blue Bentley PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Bathurst Bolt Along PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Bathurst Speedy Boltalz PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Bathurst Chuckin’ Pies PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Maitland Smoulder PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Maitland Jet Jackson PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Maitland El Grand Deano PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Maitland Blue Tiger PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Maitland Songar Special PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Maitland Nutsy PRE-RACE injured
20/4/20 Maitland Double Mack PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 The Gardens Lady Cynthia PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 The Gardens Bedazzled Babe PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 The Gardens That’s Lil Bob PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 The Gardens Powerful Pat PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 The Gardens Chrystal Lodge PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 The Gardens Fab Nate PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 The Gardens High Balling PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Goulburn Crowdza Rockin’ PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Goulburn Blue Bentley PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Goulburn Bullet Proof Ace PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Goulburn Mercy Rains PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Goulburn Kwong Magic PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Lismore Inspire Us PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Lismore Kooringa Thelly PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Lismore Tribal Girl PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Lismore Gloves Back On PRE-RACE injured
21/4/20 Lismore Chuck The Rest PRE-RACE injured
22/4/20 Richmond Ineka’s Charm PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dapto Topper Uno PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dapto Dyna Zoron PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dapto Madison Envy PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dapto King Cratos PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dapto Nandor Junior PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dubbo Outlaw Tom PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dubbo Yenderra Evie PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dubbo Don’t Mind Me PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dubbo Banjo Fernando PRE-RACE injured
23/4/20 Dubbo Not Feeling It PRE-RACE injured
24/4/20 Richmond Two One Parking PRE-RACE injured
24/4/20 Richmond Really Unwell PRE-RACE injured
24/4/20 The Gardens Grand Layton PRE-RACE injured
24/4/20 The Gardens Eye Rock PRE-RACE injured
24/4/20 Goulburn Candy Carrera PRE-RACE injured
24/4/20 Goulburn Freakish Ethics PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 Bulli Strawberry Swirl PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 Bulli Libby’s Fancy PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 Bulli Damara Bale PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 Bulli Kev’s Comet PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 Grafton Pay Call PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 Grafton Hugs Help Cloud PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 Grafton Chanticleer PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Zipper Shoes PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Mel’s Belle PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Shelby Dream PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Ned’s Chance PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Sambella Osti PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Diamond Abbey PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Time To Wander PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Alpine Little PRE-RACE injured
25/4/20 The Gardens Where’s Kinloch PRE-RACE injured
26/4/20 Richmond Champness Road PRE-RACE injured
26/4/20 Richmond Show Me Confetti PRE-RACE injured
26/4/20 Richmond Prim and Proper PRE-RACE injured
26/4/20 Richmond Unleash to Excel PRE-RACE injured
26/4/20 Richmond Uma Allen PRE-RACE injured
26/4/20 Wagga Wagga Albion Lad PRE-RACE injured
26/4/20 Wagga Wagga King Kohli PRE-RACE injured
26/4/20 Wagga Wagga Spirit Of Arlene PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Bathurst Dana Corporal PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Bathurst Getalong Dana PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Maitland Flying Maxi PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Maitland Drop The Leash PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Maitland Dam The Man PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Maitland Rancher PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Maitland Wacky Sport PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Maitland Swift Oshea PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Maitland Zulu Warlord PRE-RACE injured
27/4/20 Maitland Jenny Jellyfish PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Goulburn Rapid Collision PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Goulburn She’s Silver PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Goulburn Rock The Ground PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Goulburn Wild Wally PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Goulburn Midsummer Rufus PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 The Gardens Stellar Stone PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 The Gardens Djay Ask PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 The Gardens Harmat PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 The Gardens Kimsson PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 The Gardens Secret Wild Rose PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Lismore Irish Whiskey PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Lismore Clover Poppa PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Lismore Bocuse Gambler PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Lismore Saphoni PRE-RACE injured
28/4/20 Lismore Black Rocker PRE-RACE injured
29/4/20 Richmond Dam Reckless PRE-RACE injured
29/4/20 Richmond Ombre Rose PRE-RACE injured
29/4/20 Gunnedah Wyee Screamer PRE-RACE injured
29/4/20 Grafton Miss Kythera PRE-RACE injured
29/4/20 Grafton Master Magazine PRE-RACE injured
29/4/20 Grafton Arty Barty PRE-RACE injured
29/4/20 Grafton Ripple River PRE-RACE injured
30/4/20 Dapto Oil And Water PRE-RACE injured
30/4/20 Dubbo Clare Fallon PRE-RACE injured
30/4/20 Dubbo Joan Taro PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Goulburn Towering Smith PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Goulburn Huntley Gold PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Goulburn Turbo Blaze PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Goulburn Towering Dawn PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Goulburn What Time Smoko PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Goulburn Stormy Rufus PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 The Gardens Before The Storm PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 The Gardens Spangles PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 The Gardens Zipping Jafar PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 The Gardens Sakeyna PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 The Gardens Mercedes Dior PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Bathurst Wildest Dreams PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Bathurst Tribal Striker PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Bathurst Bea The Queen PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Bathurst Bigger Than Them PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Bathurst Caesar Rev PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Richmond Skeeta’s Magic PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Richmond Striking PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Richmond Vixen’s Image PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Richmond What A Debacle PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Richmond Raise The Bridge PRE-RACE injured
1/5/20 Richmond Here’s Ziggy PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Bulli Macro Burst PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Bulli Fran Bale PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Bulli Latrell to Excel PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Bulli Dyna Kara PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Bulli Sweet City Sal PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 The Gardens Crowdza Coming PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 The Gardens Reggie Daranga PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 The Gardens Venom PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 The Gardens Ibrox Calypso PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 The Gardens Titanium Ruby PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 The Gardens Kermaro PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 The Gardens Sticky Wicket PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Richmond Such A Delight PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Richmond Midnight Affair PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Richmond Seventen Twelve PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Grafton Kingsbrae Joanne PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Grafton Heart Felt Cold PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Grafton Miss Magazine PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Grafton Mister Chaos PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Grafton Rusty Trick PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Grafton Humvee Cloud PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Grafton Zipping Blitz PRE-RACE injured
2/5/20 Grafton Let’s Win Nilsa PRE-RACE injured
3/5/20 Wagga Wagga Tammin PRE-RACE injured
3/5/20 Richmond Shimmy Sparkles PRE-RACE injured
3/5/20 Richmond Fab’s Unicorn PRE-RACE injured
4/5/20 Bathurst Dana Queen PRE-RACE injured
4/5/20 Bathurst Dana King PRE-RACE injured
4/5/20 Gosford Cool Arising PRE-RACE injured
4/5/20 Gosford Aston Lane PRE-RACE injured
4/5/20 Gosford Winlock Jaguar PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 The Gardens Thirty Cyclones PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 The Gardens Miss Antonio PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 The Gardens Mercator Bell PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 The Gardens Sketchy Butler PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 The Gardens Foxy All Over PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 The Gardens Screaming Chop PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Lismore Jimmy Stintson PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Lismore Lil Macie Breeze PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Lismore Not Out Cloud PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Lismore Noir Gambler PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Lismore Redback Katie PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Goulburn Marlee Parker PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Goulburn Brother Ray PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Goulburn Mighty Ethics PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Goulburn Okawa On Fire PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Goulburn Slick Panther PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Goulburn Mitch Bale PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Goulburn Due West PRE-RACE injured
5/5/20 Goulburn Revelstone PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Grafton Dyna Hannah PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Grafton Steal Away PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Grafton Little Mumma PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Grafton Loch It PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Grafton Happy Racer PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Gunnedah Super Funny PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Gunnedah General Curly PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Richmond My Lady Hayley PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Richmond Pretty Richie PRE-RACE injured
6/5/20 Richmond Ishani PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Dubbo Bogan River PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Dubbo Zornitsa PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Gosford Striving Neil PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Gosford Sardina PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Gosford Jabeni PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Lismore Corvette Cloud PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Dapto Zipping Hoppo PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Dapto Cousin Sophia PRE-RACE injured
7/5/20 Dapto Sammy Downs PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 The Gardens Our Mate Chivo PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 The Gardens Bessy Two PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 The Gardens Stellar Stone PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 The Gardens Random Monkey PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 Bathurst Jacobite Double PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 Bathurst Jacobite Blue PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 Bathurst Arrogant Archie PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 Bathurst Motor City Colt PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 Bathurst Blaze Eraser PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 Richmond Loyal Ethics PRE-RACE injured
8/5/20 Richmond Blistering PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Grafton Mia Beryl May PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Grafton Harry’s Legend PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Grafton Black Magazine PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Grafton Robell Roxy PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Grafton Apache Valley PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Grafton Kingsbrae Milly PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Bulli Zanthre Allen PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Bulli Wazowski PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Bulli Alternative PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Richmond Rosie’s Angel PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Richmond Blustone Piper PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Richmond Sammy Sioux PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 Richmond Dana Roman PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 The Gardens Pete Tanga PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 The Gardens China O’Brien PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 The Gardens Key Key PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 The Gardens Paper Tiger PRE-RACE injured
9/5/20 The Gardens Keg PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Richmond Willy Wolfenden PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Richmond Zen Mistress PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Richmond Blue Somebody PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Richmond Manny Mac PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Richmond Yankee’s Ethics PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Richmond Canya Lilly PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Richmond Mercy Rains PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Temora Stagger Out Erny PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Temora Rosedene Xeric PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Temora Suzie Rockin’ PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Temora Zulu Sunset PRE-RACE injured
10/5/20 Temora Briar Jet PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Bathurst Arrogant Alex PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Bathurst Opher Road PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Bathurst Dana Ace PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Bathurst Fusion Rebel PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Bathurst Alf Mulwee PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Bathurst Kitboolou Corza PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Bathurst Meeka’s Joy PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Bathurst Milosti PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Gosford Captain Gal PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Gosford Ducati Girl PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Gosford Stylish Chic PRE-RACE injured
11/5/20 Gosford Chevy Rock PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Goulburn Go Wild Souvlaki PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Goulburn No Bob Rob PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Goulburn Gourmet Love PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Goulburn Fusion Bullet PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Goulburn Serenissima PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Goulburn Rushes PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Goulburn Amistad PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Goulburn Betty’s The One PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 The Gardens Morse PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 The Gardens Kobe The Worker PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 The Gardens Chevy Thor PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Lismore Phantom Bonnie PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Lismore Jimary Dynamite PRE-RACE injured
12/5/20 Lismore Orange Gambler PRE-RACE injured
13/5/20 Gunnedah Foxy Tralee PRE-RACE injured
13/5/20 Grafton Pretty Paws PRE-RACE injured
13/5/20 Grafton Monday’s Expert PRE-RACE injured
13/5/20 Grafton Ducati Blue PRE-RACE injured
13/5/20 Richmond Macro Burst PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Dapto Lola Lovelace PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Dapto Queen Cersei PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Gosford Loch Me PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Gosford Wild Abandon PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Gosford Pegasus Pal PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Gosford Smoke ‘Em PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Gosford Donna Dolphin PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Dubbo Willy Taro PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Dubbo Eddy Casey PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Dubbo Volcano Fusion PRE-RACE injured
14/5/20 Dubbo Touch Of Fever PRE-RACE injured
15/5/20 Richmond Sharky’s Wish PRE-RACE injured
15/5/20 Goulburn Mac’s Intent PRE-RACE injured
15/5/20 The Gardens Wild Flames PRE-RACE injured
15/5/20 The Gardens Rose Of Lachlan PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Grafton Kulu Dot Com PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Grafton Star Helen PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Grafton Kingsbrae Jess PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Richmond Dawn Budgie PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Richmond Fun Guy Ebby PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Richmond Project Mouse PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Bulli Mum’s Parking PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Bulli Utah Blues PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 Bulli Surefire Babe PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens Terror Turner PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens Miss Antonio PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens Bruschetta PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens Esther’s Star PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens Xerri PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens Diamond Abbey PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens Crystal Moon PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens Fernando Tree PRE-RACE injured
16/5/20 The Gardens On The Beach PRE-RACE injured
17/5/20 Richmond Skeeta’s Magic PRE-RACE injured
17/5/20 Richmond Uprise PRE-RACE injured
17/5/20 Richmond Power Stone PRE-RACE injured
17/5/20 Richmond Meshuga PRE-RACE injured
17/5/20 Richmond Miss Peanut PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Bathurst Nitro Boom PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Bathurst Cliff Keeping PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Bathurst Bea The Queen PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Bathurst Lucid Dreams PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Bathurst Timely Wish PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Bathurst Snapchat Shayne PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Bathurst Darcon Flash PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Bathurst Myallie PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Gosford Peaky Pub PRE-RACE injured
18/5/20 Gosford One Strange Dude PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Teresa PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Teddie Brann PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Winlock Shakey PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Sliced Bread PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Kirsty Koi PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Robbie Knows PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Three Sixteen PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Keg PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 The Gardens Simmer Down PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Lismore Radar Rose PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Lismore Minx Magazine PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Lismore Diamond Sand PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Lismore Jimmy Stintson PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Lismore Val’s Boy PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Lismore Gorgonzola PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Lismore Spookie Magic PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Velocity Hope PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Hear Footsteps PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Doc Smeethy PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Miracle Of Love PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Kay’s Special PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Tammy’s Chance PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Gone Crackers PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Punching PRE-RACE injured
19/5/20 Goulburn Venom Cartel PRE-RACE injured
20/5/20 Grafton Seductive Avatar PRE-RACE injured
20/5/20 Grafton Jimmy The Fox PRE-RACE injured
20/5/20 Grafton Trip Aces PRE-RACE injured
20/5/20 Richmond Too Easy Punk PRE-RACE injured
20/5/20 Gunnedah Fernando’s Point PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Dapto Gone By Noon PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Dapto Tribal Striker PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Dapto Gunmetal Valley PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Dapto Optimus Steel PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Lismore Our Cavaleir PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Lismore Odi Sanette PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Lismore Mandoza Ripple PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Lismore Kingsbrae Biddy PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Lismore Havana Brown PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Dubbo Nangar Sal PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Dubbo Ramblin’ Boots PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Dubbo Myrniong Master PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Dubbo Galliano Girl PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Gosford Mr Toro PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Gosford Speed Predator PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Gosford Showtime Tiger PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Gosford Dark Master PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Gosford Little Bit Dusty PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Gosford Big Skinny PRE-RACE injured
21/5/20 Gosford Twisted Again PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Richmond Sweetest Code PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Richmond Shanjo Prince PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Richmond Always Juan PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 The Gardens Umatilla PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 The Gardens Smokey Bacon PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 The Gardens Mercedes Dior PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 The Gardens Bowls and Holes PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 The Gardens Apache Diva PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 The Gardens General George PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Bathurst Senor Fury PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Bathurst Dana Looney PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Bathurst Dana Candy PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Goulburn Bago Dry PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Goulburn Trouble At Mill PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Goulburn Cackles PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Goulburn Mercy Rains PRE-RACE injured
22/5/20 Goulburn Bailey’s Banjo PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Grafton Phantom Bonnie PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Grafton Rhymes Valley PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Grafton Daniela Walsh PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Grafton Misty’s Flash PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Bulli Big Prediction PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Bulli Here Comes Joe PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Bulli Despicable Roxy PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Bulli Irinka Franky PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Bulli Katie Cortis PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Bulli Bula Fab Girl PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Bulli Big Paul Ballows PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 The Gardens Crowdza Coming PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 The Gardens Another Vuitton PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 The Gardens Kyron’s Way PRE-RACE injured
23/5/20 Richmond Left Unsaid PRE-RACE injured
24/5/20 Wagga Wagga Moon Phase PRE-RACE injured
24/5/20 Wagga Wagga Lost Papers PRE-RACE injured
24/5/20 Richmond Shuffle Along PRE-RACE injured
24/5/20 Richmond No Bob Rob PRE-RACE injured
24/5/20 Richmond Ultimate Swiper PRE-RACE injured
24/5/20 Richmond Shark Zone PRE-RACE injured
24/5/20 Richmond Lanmore Cutie PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Katie’s Cuddles PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Milosti PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Little Munchie PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Kevin Zarr PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Blayney Bruiser PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Miss Ziggy PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Travellin’ Magoo PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Beaky Blue PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Bathurst Barney’s Sure PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Bessy Two PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Hard Left PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Fortune Seeker PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Miner’s Jet PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Sheike Susie PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Paper Tiger PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Smoke ‘Em PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford My Little Buddy PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Wild Abandon PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Quick Style PRE-RACE injured
25/5/20 Gosford Alpine LIttle PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Goulburn Go Wild Bell PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Goulburn Bon’s Fernando PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Goulburn Crazy Kylie PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Goulburn Betty’s The One PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Goulburn Agnus Brown PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 The Gardens Life’s Mystery PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 The Gardens Wild Dominance PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 The Gardens Jasey’s Daisy PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 The Gardens Little Prospect PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Lismore Revhead Sloy PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Lismore Chatty Kathy PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Lismore Laporte PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Lismore Let’s Win Nilsa PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Lismore Next Time Gadget PRE-RACE injured
26/5/20 Lismore Variety Show PRE-RACE injured
27/5/20 Richmond Mind Blown PRE-RACE injured
27/5/20 Gunnedah Rutland Madison PRE-RACE injured
27/5/20 Grafton Purple Lantern PRE-RACE injured
27/5/20 Grafton Kythera Storm PRE-RACE injured
27/5/20 Grafton Cody’s Success PRE-RACE injured
27/5/20 Grafton Hootin’ Annie PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Casino Boo Yah Beach PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Casino Manny Said PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Casino Lafai PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Casino Rapid Blaze PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Casino Yo Vale PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Hampshire PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Princess Riot PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Zipper By Two PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Artic Kingdom PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Fab Nate PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Ibrox Calypso PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Still Laughing PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Wacky Sport PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Gosford Kermaro PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Dapto Aircapt Lady PRE-RACE injured
28/5/20 Dapto Wicked Doll PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Dubbo Touch Of Fever PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Dubbo Scar Cargo PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Dubbo Billy Boom Boom PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Dubbo Snapchat Shayne PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Dubbo Alf Mulwee PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Goulburn Nangar Mia PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Goulburn Despicable Quinn PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Goulburn Spritely Ebony PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Goulburn Raging Ruby PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Goulburn Mellcat Miss PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Goulburn Mock Mock PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Goulburn Despicable Slink PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Goulburn Lollobrigida PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 The Gardens Optimus Bella PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 The Gardens Nomia Mack PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 The Gardens Time Violation PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 The Gardens Simmer Down PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 The Gardens Optimus Rex PRE-RACE injured
29/5/20 Richmond Downtown PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 Bulli Good Odds Fammo PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 Bulli Hardaway Harada PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Lady Mimco PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Blazing Snap PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Flak PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Zinnia Fire PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Dana Big Johnny PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Smoulder PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Scalp Hunter PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Foxami Raptor PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Low Liner PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 The Gardens Greta June PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 Grafton Freddy’s Home PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 Grafton Sprocket Valley PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 Grafton Heart Felt Cloud PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 Richmond Start The Clock PRE-RACE injured
30/5/20 Richmond Believe Me PRE-RACE injured
31/5/20 Wagga Wagga Egler PRE-RACE injured
31/5/20 Wagga Wagga Montana Fernando PRE-RACE injured
31/5/20 Wagga Wagga Mental Lee PRE-RACE injured
31/5/20 Richmond Rosie’s Angel PRE-RACE injured
31/5/20 Richmond Crux PRE-RACE injured
1/6/20 Bathurst Arrogant Bobby PRE-RACE injured
1/6/20 Nowra Huntley Gold PRE-RACE injured
1/6/20 Nowra Secret Soldier PRE-RACE injured
1/6/20 Nowra Savanaka Two PRE-RACE injured
1/6/20 Nowra Firekey PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Gosford Sovereign Sin PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Gosford Shot Maker PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Gosford Bar The Punk PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Gosford Anubis Party PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Lismore Missing Her PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Lismore Jackie’s Yoyo PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Lismore Lil Breeze PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Lismore Freda’s Pride PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Goulburn She’s Silver PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Goulburn Lagoon Rhett PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Goulburn Amongst Clowns PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Goulburn Gloria Grace PRE-RACE injured
2/6/20 Goulburn Beats Maneuva PRE-RACE injured
3/6/20 Bulli Gordito PRE-RACE injured
3/6/20 Taree Glen Sannette PRE-RACE injured
3/6/20 Taree Pandora Wave PRE-RACE injured
3/6/20 Richmond Uma Allen PRE-RACE injured
3/6/20 Richmond Dyna Zultan PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Casino Bobby Brann PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Casino Jimary Jedi PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Dapto Towering Heights PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Dapto Stanley Road PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Dapto Getting Bale PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Dapto Zipping Cia PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Maitland Cheque Money PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Maitland Drop The Leash PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Maitland Angel Toff PRE-RACE injured
4/6/20 Maitland Rivergum Road PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 Goulburn Sandave Storm PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 Dubbo Senorita Willow PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 Dubbo Senor Fury PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 Dubbo Myrniong Rocket PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 Dubbo El Cheapo PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 Richmond Winking Nick PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 Richmond Red Tiger Lady PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 The Gardens Bella Cena PRE-RACE injured
5/6/20 The Gardens Curringa Miss PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Bulli Achira To Excel PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Bulli Mary Mary PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Bulli Flare To Excel PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Bulli Mamba Two Four PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Bulli Zetland Tiger PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Bulli Calypso Blitz PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Wentworth Park Zipping Junior PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Wentworth Park Keep Guessing PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Wentworth Park Hear Footsteps PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 Wentworth Park Old Mick Banner PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 The Gardens Teddie Brann PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 The Gardens Chosen One PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 The Gardens No Tickets PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 The Gardens Halcyon Prince PRE-RACE injured
6/6/20 The Gardens Chrystal Lodge PRE-RACE injured
7/6/20 Richmond Simply Spot PRE-RACE injured
7/6/20 Richmond Recode PRE-RACE injured
7/6/20 Richmond Rampage Rascal PRE-RACE injured
7/6/20 Richmond Unique Quality PRE-RACE injured
7/6/20 Temora Russell Rockin’ PRE-RACE injured
7/6/20 Temora Crown Elfie PRE-RACE injured
7/6/20 Temora Can She Rev PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Nowra Walkaway Slow PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Nowra Shoes Pack PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Nowra Winsome Currency PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Nowra Gitcha Quick PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Bathurst Travellin’ Jay PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Bathurst Fabio County PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Bathurst Red Azalea PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Bathurst Grandstand PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Cody’s Success PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Ebony And Ivory PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Shipping Away PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Robell Ronny PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Monica Sapphire PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Two Points Away PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Wallace Valley PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Sandler PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Diamond Sand PRE-RACE injured
8/6/20 Grafton Tweety PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Lismore Gina Ross PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Lismore Bow Wow Wow PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Lismore Woodview Dash PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Lismore Burnt Ends PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Lismore Oh So Fabio PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Goulburn Dana Mousey PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Goulburn Miss Money Bags PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Gosford Crow Flies PRE-RACE injured
9/6/20 Gosford Hikey PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Hubcap PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Kelly Maree PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Hold On PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah One Strange Dude PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Len’s Out PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Cyclone Nora PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Xericom Bale PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Seeking Quality PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Super Flyer PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Gunnedah Extreme Shian PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Richmond Reign It In PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Richmond Bench Mob PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Richmond Blinks PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Richmond Good Odds Kanga PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Wentworth Park Oil And Water PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Wentworth Park Rapid Thunder PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Wentworth Park Rock Or Bust PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Wentworth Park Ibrox Poser PRE-RACE injured
10/6/20 Wentworth Park Tammy’s Chance PRE-RACE injured
11/6/20 Casino Zulu Vision PRE-RACE injured
11/6/20 Casino Mr Blaster PRE-RACE injured
11/6/20 Maitland Barb’s Galaxy PRE-RACE injured
11/6/20 Maitland Kiarni Tiger PRE-RACE injured
11/6/20 Dapto Ariaki PRE-RACE injured
11/6/20 Dapto Cumbria Dreaming PRE-RACE injured
11/6/20 Dapto Despicable Roxy PRE-RACE injured
11/6/20 Dapto Ketakey PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Richmond Flash Cow PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Richmond Quickening PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 The Gardens Apache Diva PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 The Gardens Little Prospect PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 The Gardens Sticky Wicket PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 The Gardens Rice’s Legacy PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 The Gardens Red All Over PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 The Gardens Black Fire Opal PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 The Gardens New Belief PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 The Gardens Little Bit Dusty PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Dubbo Yanderra Azalia PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Goulburn Nangus Road PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Goulburn Let’s Sparkle PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Goulburn Tomerong Terror PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Goulburn Yaki Blue PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Goulburn Sarita PRE-RACE injured
12/6/20 Goulburn Sparky Parker PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Bulli Starburst Leo PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Bulli Polarity PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Bulli Wow PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Bulli Volt To Excel PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Bulli Cumbria Lad PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Bulli Crazy Old Goat PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Bulli Chromosome PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 The Gardens Happy Welcome PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 The Gardens Hard Left PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 The Gardens Amy’s Will PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 The Gardens Peanut Brittle PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 The Gardens Miss Bigota PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 The Gardens United Stand PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 The Gardens Pete’s Gym Boots PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Wentworth Park Zipping Byron PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Wentworth Park Jennifer Eccles PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Broken Hill Miss Supersonic PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Broken Hill Feelin’ PRE-RACE injured
13/6/20 Broken Hill Bomber Marlow PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Wagga Wagga Dana Looney PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Wagga Wagga Mighty Mad’s PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond You Serious PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond Miss Antonio PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond Lucy Star PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond Dawn Juan PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond Raise The Bridge PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond Bom Bom Banjo PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond Off Road Gal PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond Towering Smith PRE-RACE injured
14/6/20 Richmond Pay Day Brian PRE-RACE injured
15/6/20 Grafton Short Deuce PRE-RACE injured
15/6/20 Grafton Bokarm Bella PRE-RACE injured
15/6/20 Grafton Super Select PRE-RACE injured
15/6/20 Grafton Flash Chariot PRE-RACE injured
15/6/20 Nowra Huntley Gold PRE-RACE injured
15/6/20 Bathurst Tijuana City PRE-RACE injured
15/6/20 Bathurst Son Of Eli PRE-RACE injured
15/6/20 Bathurst Irinka Franky PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Lismore Why Zed PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Lismore Freaky Picture PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Lismore Regal Report PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Goulburn Amaze I Will PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Goulburn Dana Bill PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Goulburn Bolt Along PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Goulburn Dynamite Davey PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Goulburn Black Maxie PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Gosford Big Dazza PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Gosford Blank Candles PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Gosford Soy Sauce PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Gosford Macro Burst PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Gosford Miner’s Jett PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Gosford Rushforth Des PRE-RACE injured
16/6/20 Gosford Magic Rock PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Taree Digger Muldoon PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Taree Arnie Doo PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Taree Pa’s Girl PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Taree Karnak Bale PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Wentworth Park Blue Corvette PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Wentworth Park Benji Buttons PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Wentworth Park Offline PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Richmond Shark Power PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Richmond Quick Single PRE-RACE injured
17/6/20 Richmond Giarre PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Casino Kulu Hipster PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Casino Elite Jax PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Casino Zombie Queen PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Maitland Bow Buster PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Maitland Ned’s Chance PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Maitland Zipping Miranda PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Maitland Chevy Royal PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Maitland Kiarni Joe PRE-RACE injured
18/6/20 Maitland Fun Guy Ebby PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 The Gardens Sweet Vegas PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 The Gardens Three Sixteen PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 The Gardens Spangles PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 The Gardens Bella Cena PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 The Gardens Banjo’s Rival PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 The Gardens Chrystal Lodge PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 The Gardens Gunnadoo Gift PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 The Gardens Kermaro PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 Dubbo Travellin’ Simon PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 Dubbo Way It Is PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 Dubbo Luai Bale PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 Goulburn Monster Rock PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 Goulburn Lend Me Fifty PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 Richmond Sonata PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 Richmond Raging Ruby PRE-RACE injured
19/6/20 Richmond Secret Soot PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Monster Magic PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Highly Dangerous PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Rhyno’s Kiss PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Ollie’s Hope PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Allonsy To Paris PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Manny Francs PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens No Lolly Day PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Jimmy Sidesaddle PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Screaming Fox PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Halcyon Life PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Lil Bit Longer PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Black Mikey PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 The Gardens Blazin’ Sophia PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Wentworth Park Nangar Rust PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Wentworth Park Zipping Bram PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Wentworth Park Winlock Shifty PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Wentworth Park Memories One PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Wentworth Park Nangar Kash PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Wentworth Park Jackpot Josie PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Bulli Wind Of Change PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Bulli Alamo Joe PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Bulli Hanley PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Bulli Uma Allen PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Bulli Tommy Banner PRE-RACE injured
20/6/20 Bulli Mind Blowin’ PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Wild Stallion PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Rosie’s Angel PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Despicable Quinn PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Active Diamonds PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Jody Dance PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Kilcher PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Zara Tiara PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Road House PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Betty’s The One PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond She’s A Runner PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Sabata Raptor PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Richmond Don’t Know Darl PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Wagga Wagga Largen In Charge PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Wagga Wagga Got To Drive PRE-RACE injured
21/6/20 Wagga Wagga Wicked Val PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Bathurst Clue Master PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Bathurst Strike Power PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Bathurst May’s Rescue PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Grafton Phantom Bonnie PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Grafton Daniela Walsh PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Grafton Hari Brann PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Grafton Canoelands Rocka PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Grafton Magic Rae Rose PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Grafton Egg Shells Cloud PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Grafton Tobacco King PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Nowra Causing Mayhem PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Nowra Venice Queen PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Nowra Alternative PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Nowra Hermanita PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Nowra All This Mayhem PRE-RACE injured
22/6/20 Nowra Love The Angels PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Goulburn Boomin’ Ethics PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Goulburn Peso PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Goulburn Hardaway Titan PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Gosford Arquette PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Gosford Little Bit Dusty PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Gosford Luchador PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Gosford Isabella Icefish PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Lismore Phantom Cruise PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Lismore Pinkowski PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Lismore Jimary Ranger PRE-RACE injured
23/6/20 Lismore Birkdale Barista PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Wentworth Park Screaming Chop PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Wentworth Park Rodger Bullet PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Wentworth Park Liberty Pearl PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Wentworth Park Winlock Willow PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Wentworth Park Custom Banjo PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Wentworth Park Johansson PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Richmond Monica Sapphire PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Richmond June Twenty Six PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Richmond Soft Tail PRE-RACE injured
24/6/20 Gunnedah Elite Zipper PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino Kulu Zipster PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino Kingsbrae Millie PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino Tahiti Beach PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino Tweed Major PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino Len’s Out PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino My Mac Boy PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino Irritate PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino Mandoza Ripple PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Casino Speranza PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Maitland Life’s Mystery PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Maitland Guard Of Honour PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Dapto Mamba Two Four PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Dapto Tony’s Rescue PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Dapto Last Phoenix PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Dapto Tessa Allen PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Dapto Chilli Queen PRE-RACE injured
25/6/20 Dapto Mascot Miss PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 Dubbo Little Peppa PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 Dubbo Kaliska’s Clone PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 Dubbo Myallie PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 Goulburn Trump Card PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 Goulburn Clare Fallon PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 The Gardens Rapid Escape PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 The Gardens Newtown Jet PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 Richmond Let Me No PRE-RACE injured
26/6/20 Richmond Despicable Roxy PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Bulli Mum’s Parking PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Bulli Keeping On PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Bulli Crazy Old Goat PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Bulli Dyna Zultan PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 The Gardens Houdini’s Niece PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 The Gardens Havana Sunset PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 The Gardens Son Of Gus PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 The Gardens Clean Up Speedy PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Wentworth Park Fire On Ice PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Wentworth Park Brown Sphere PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Wentworth Park Spice PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Wentworth Park Xerri PRE-RACE injured
27/6/20 Wentworth Park We Got Juan PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Wagga Wagga Crown Elfie PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Wagga Wagga Soustaille PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Wagga Wagga Fire Up Keith PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Flighty Lass PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Ice Reina PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Bluestone Piper PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Iwo Jima PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Rushforth Des PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Hot Kiwi PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Summer Vella PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Tribal Striker PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Down The Hatch PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Towering Dawn PRE-RACE injured
28/6/20 Richmond Independent Rose PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Nowra Benkennie Chic PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Nowra Marcia Jay PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Nowra Tink PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Nowra Trouble At Mill PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Nowra Just Terms PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Bathurst Cawbourne Slider PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Bathurst Ruphert Keeping PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Bathurst Two Opals PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Bathurst Despicable Nath PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Grafton Kiarni Jack PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Grafton Robell Ronny PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Grafton Cuffs PRE-RACE injured
29/6/20 Grafton Nay Glee PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Goulburn Mac’s Intent PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Goulburn Shadow Dodger PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Goulburn Miss Harlow PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Lismore Jimary Crimson PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Lismore Chatty Kathy PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Lismore Spookie Magic PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Lismore Jimary Dynamite PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Lismore Two Sore Feet PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Gosford Princess Magpie PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Gosford Rainbow Jupiter PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Gosford Save The Date PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Gosford Miss Ziggy PRE-RACE injured
30/6/20 Gosford Come Around PRE-RACE injured
17/5/20 Wagga Wagga Got To Casino PRE-RACE lacerated off side hind leg en route to track
28/5/20 Casino Kingsbrae Banton PRE-RACE laceration and swelling off side hind foot
27/5/20 Grafton Karnak Bale PRE-RACE laceration near side fore
25/5/20 Bathurst All Negoa PRE-RACE laceration near side hind toe
12/5/20 Goulburn Beanie Allen PRE-RACE laceration near side shoulder
30/5/20 Grafton Miss Alyssa PRE-RACE laceration off side fore foot
26/4/20 Wagga Wagga Sunlit Quealy PRE-RACE laceration on near side stopper discovered during kennelling
13/5/20 Grafton Karnak Bale PRE-RACE laceration to near side fore
14/6/20 Wagga Wagga Run Fast Maximus PRE-RACE laceration to off side foreleg
26/5/20 Lismore Luca Bazooka PRE-RACE laceration to right hind foot
6/6/20 The Gardens Texas Target PRE-RACE laceration to toe off side hind foot- caught on trailer door
9/4/20 Goulburn Zavattina PRE-RACE late scratching injured
11/4/20 Grafton Just His Style PRE-RACE late scratching injured
15/4/20 Grafton Robo Dash PRE-RACE late scratching injured
26/4/20 Richmond Gorgeous Gelmi PRE-RACE late scratching injured
4/4/20 The Gardens I’m Seeking PRE-RACE late scratching sick
6/4/20 Maitland Harrows PRE-RACE late scratching sick
16/4/20 Dapto Mount Royal PRE-RACE late scratching sick
17/4/20 Bathurst Hay Jill PRE-RACE late scratching sick
17/4/20 Bathurst Andy’s Trinity PRE-RACE late scratching sick
25/4/20 The Gardens Miss Jacky PRE-RACE late scratching sick
17/5/20 Richmond Bushman’s Buddy PRE-RACE late scratching- injured
2/5/20 Richmond Who’s The Muscle PRE-RACE late scratching, injured
13/5/20 Richmond Raise The Bridge PRE-RACE late scratching, injured
7/6/20 Richmond Sweet Fire All PRE-RACE late scratching, injured in yard
3/5/20 Wagga Wagga Nangus Road PRE-RACE near side fore toe
14/6/20 Richmond Fusion Bullet PRE-RACE near side hind toe
26/6/20 Dubbo Irondale Romeo PRE-RACE near side pin muscle injury
21/4/20 The Gardens Mr. Brewster PRE-RACE off side groin injury
22/6/20 Grafton Kulu Zipster PRE-RACE off side wrist
2/4/20 Wagga Wagga Acoustic Lee PRE-RACE presented near side lameness
14/4/20 Lismore Monbo Beach PRE-RACE presented with infected hot spot on mid back
14/4/20 Lismore Ruby Redneck PRE-RACE presented with infected wound right hind foot
20/4/20 Bathurst Tangerine Queen PRE-RACE presented with laceration off side fore dew claw
18/4/20 Bulli Drink Moet PRE-RACE presented with ruptured wart right front foot, late scratching
14/4/20 Lismore Bow Wow Wow PRE-RACE presented with wound right hind leg
31/5/20 Wagga Wagga Sizzling Blue PRE-RACE scouring
4/4/20 Bulli Tania Bale PRE-RACE scouring in kennel, deemed unfit late scratching Minor II
1/4/20 Richmond Midnight affair PRE-RACE sick
1/4/20 Richmond Champness Road PRE-RACE sick
1/4/20 Richmond Late Night Inn PRE-RACE sick
2/4/20 Dubbo Autumn Sun PRE-RACE sick
2/4/20 Dubbo Gimme Strength PRE-RACE sick
2/4/20 Wagga Wagga Hardaway Justice PRE-RACE sick
2/4/20 Wagga Wagga Keithy Bale PRE-RACE sick
3/4/20 Richmond Bounce Back PRE-RACE sick
3/4/20 The Gardens Rattlin’ Home PRE-RACE sick
3/4/20 The Gardens Rose Mac PRE-RACE sick
3/4/20 Goulburn Revelstone PRE-RACE sick
3/4/20 Goulburn Egler PRE-RACE sick
3/4/20 Goulburn Be Gifted PRE-RACE sick
3/4/20 Goulburn Trunkey Rose PRE-RACE sick
4/4/20 Bulli Bare Minimum PRE-RACE sick
4/4/20 Bulli Crowdza Rockin’ PRE-RACE sick
4/4/20 Bulli Flying Banjo PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Irinka Pat PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Super Flyer PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Liberty Belle PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Super Funny PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Super Start PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Aston Hazard PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Dupiter PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Our Rock Man PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Swizzle Sticka PRE-RACE sick
5/4/20 Gunnedah Gambling Duke PRE-RACE sick
6/4/20 Bathurst Beau Rider PRE-RACE sick
6/4/20 Bathurst Little Bowie PRE-RACE sick
9/4/20 Dapto Bucks Future PRE-RACE sick
11/4/20 Grafton Clover Poppa PRE-RACE sick
11/4/20 Grafton Firefly Benno PRE-RACE sick
11/4/20 Bulli All This mayhem PRE-RACE sick
12/4/20 Richmond Miami Opal PRE-RACE sick
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Aqua Maisie PRE-RACE sick
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Got A Cookie PRE-RACE sick
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Aqua Percy PRE-RACE sick
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Ritza Kez PRE-RACE sick
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Bianca Keeping PRE-RACE sick
12/4/20 Wagga Wagga Soustaille PRE-RACE sick
14/4/20 The Gardens Rattlin’ Chell PRE-RACE sick
15/4/20 Grafton Red Obsession PRE-RACE sick
17/4/20 Richmond Shimmy Sparkles PRE-RACE sick
17/4/20 Richmond Magic Emgrand PRE-RACE sick
17/4/20 The Gardens Arnie Doo PRE-RACE sick
18/4/20 Bulli Stir Fry Shrimp PRE-RACE sick
18/4/20 Bulli Platinum Cruise PRE-RACE sick
18/4/20 The Gardens Soft Rain PRE-RACE sick
19/4/20 Gunnedah Elite Chloe PRE-RACE sick
19/4/20 Gunnedah Bruno Dafon PRE-RACE sick
21/4/20 Goulburn Little Mai PRE-RACE sick
22/4/20 Grafton Lil Breeze PRE-RACE sick
22/4/20 Grafton Kingsbrae Joanne PRE-RACE sick
23/4/20 Dubbo Swift Jill PRE-RACE sick
23/4/20 Dubbo How’s It Marley PRE-RACE sick
23/4/20 Dubbo Much Ado PRE-RACE sick
24/4/20 The Gardens Fab Blonde PRE-RACE sick
24/4/20 Goulburn Bear With Me PRE-RACE sick
24/4/20 Goulburn Wynburn Rambo PRE-RACE sick
25/4/20 Bulli Social Spin PRE-RACE sick
25/4/20 Bulli Black Orchid PRE-RACE sick
26/4/20 Richmond Wishing Luck PRE-RACE sick
26/4/20 Richmond Whatta Lady PRE-RACE sick
26/4/20 Wagga Wagga Spend A Dime PRE-RACE sick
29/4/20 Gunnedah Chedwick PRE-RACE sick
29/4/20 Gunnedah Raekey PRE-RACE sick
29/4/20 Gunnedah My Girl Morgan PRE-RACE sick
29/4/20 Gunnedah Impact Rose PRE-RACE sick
30/4/20 Dapto Gold Azalea PRE-RACE sick
30/4/20 Dubbo Bogan Crazy PRE-RACE sick
1/5/20 Goulburn Third Vintage PRE-RACE sick
1/5/20 Goulburn Won Jack PRE-RACE sick
1/5/20 The Gardens Full Blossom PRE-RACE sick
1/5/20 Richmond Private Parking PRE-RACE sick
1/5/20 Richmond Uprise PRE-RACE sick
2/5/20 Bulli Fusion Bullet PRE-RACE sick
2/5/20 Bulli Sand Runner PRE-RACE sick
2/5/20 Bulli From The Brink PRE-RACE sick
2/5/20 Bulli Hardaway Kate PRE-RACE sick
2/5/20 The Gardens Shahtalia PRE-RACE sick
2/5/20 The Gardens Transistor PRE-RACE sick
2/5/20 Grafton Ride Sally Ride PRE-RACE sick
3/5/20 Richmond Like A Soldier PRE-RACE sick
3/5/20 Richmond No More Partying PRE-RACE sick
5/5/20 The Gardens Lulu Forty PRE-RACE sick
7/5/20 Dubbo Central Drive PRE-RACE sick
8/5/20 Richmond Rock Solid PRE-RACE sick
9/5/20 Bulli Sierra Park PRE-RACE sick
10/5/20 Temora Turbo On PRE-RACE sick
10/5/20 Temora Flying Jezza PRE-RACE sick
10/5/20 Temora Bred To Win PRE-RACE sick
10/5/20 Temora Mental Lee PRE-RACE sick
10/5/20 Temora Level Neville PRE-RACE sick
15/5/20 Goulburn Bomb Proof PRE-RACE sick
15/5/20 Goulburn Gotta Be Mac PRE-RACE sick
16/5/20 Richmond Quirky Phoebe PRE-RACE sick
16/5/20 The Gardens Foxzami Raptor PRE-RACE sick
17/5/20 Wagga Wagga Be Gifted PRE-RACE sick
17/5/20 Richmond Flying Ricciardo PRE-RACE sick
18/5/20 Bathurst Go Go Fernando PRE-RACE sick
18/5/20 Bathurst Outlaw Tom PRE-RACE sick
18/5/20 Bathurst Lezak PRE-RACE sick
19/5/20 The Gardens Cedar Bambi PRE-RACE sick
19/5/20 Lismore Irish Whiskey PRE-RACE sick
19/5/20 Goulburn Freeway Lass PRE-RACE sick
21/5/20 Dapto Esther’s Diva PRE-RACE sick
22/5/20 Goulburn Tank’s Rhino PRE-RACE sick
23/5/20 Richmond Uncle Benny PRE-RACE sick
24/5/20 Richmond Wild Stallion PRE-RACE sick
24/5/20 Richmond Boosted Ego PRE-RACE sick
25/5/20 Bathurst Little Digger PRE-RACE sick
25/5/20 Bathurst Zipping Brady PRE-RACE sick
25/5/20 Gosford Sneaky Marquee PRE-RACE sick
25/5/20 Gosford One Fury PRE-RACE sick
26/5/20 The Gardens Blackpearl Girl PRE-RACE sick
27/5/20 Gunnedah Uno Dave PRE-RACE sick
28/5/20 Gosford Green Siren PRE-RACE sick
29/5/20 Goulburn Landon Bale PRE-RACE sick
29/5/20 Goulburn Sand Runner PRE-RACE sick
29/5/20 The Gardens Diver’s Session PRE-RACE sick
30/5/20 The Gardens Liberty Belle PRE-RACE sick
30/5/20 The Gardens Mystic Tralee PRE-RACE sick
31/5/20 Richmond Starburst Leo PRE-RACE sick
2/6/20 Goulburn Glengarrie Boy PRE-RACE sick
2/6/20 Goulburn Air Load PRE-RACE sick
2/6/20 Goulburn Rapid Runner PRE-RACE sick
6/6/20 Bulli Cole Sear PRE-RACE sick
10/6/20 Gunnedah It’s Our Time PRE-RACE sick
12/6/20 Dubbo Swift Chester PRE-RACE sick
13/6/20 Bulli Ishani PRE-RACE sick
13/6/20 Wentworth Park Beers At Barrels PRE-RACE sick
14/6/20 Richmond Gorgeous Grove PRE-RACE sick
16/6/20 Gosford Sapphire Buzzard PRE-RACE sick
16/6/20 Gosford Can’t Dance PRE-RACE sick
17/6/20 Wentworth Park In Your Time PRE-RACE sick
17/6/20 Wentworth Park Gunmetal Valley PRE-RACE sick
19/6/20 Dubbo Midnight Boss PRE-RACE sick
20/6/20 Wentworth Park Tank’s Rhino PRE-RACE sick
23/6/20 Goulburn My Bro Bardo PRE-RACE sick
23/6/20 Goulburn Boree Belle PRE-RACE sick
23/6/20 Goulburn Bullet Proof Ace PRE-RACE sick
23/6/20 Goulburn Level Neville PRE-RACE sick
24/6/20 Richmond Wishing Luck PRE-RACE sick
24/6/20 Richmond El Cheapo PRE-RACE sick
24/6/20 Richmond She’s Radiant PRE-RACE sick
24/6/20 Gunnedah Jargon Jimmy PRE-RACE sick
26/6/20 Goulburn Gourmet Love PRE-RACE sick
26/6/20 The Gardens Diver’s Session PRE-RACE sick
27/6/20 Wentworth Park Bugatti Reign PRE-RACE sick
28/6/20 Richmond Unique Quality PRE-RACE sick
29/6/20 Grafton Carlos Magic PRE-RACE sick
29/6/20 Grafton Ebony And Ivory PRE-RACE sick
30/6/20 Goulburn Unique Quality PRE-RACE sick
30/6/20 Goulburn Go Wild Souvlaki PRE-RACE sick
30/6/20 Lismore Tarks Tammy Rose PRE-RACE sick
8/4/20 Richmond Jugungal Queen PRE-RACE soreness in near side fan muscle, late scratching
1/6/20 Bathurst Travellin’ Sooty PRE-RACE split webbing near side hind
24/5/20 Richmond Pop The Confetti PRE-RACE split webbing right front foot Minor II
1/5/20 The Gardens Tweety PRE-RACE swelling off side hind foot indicative of having been bitten, late scratching
31/5/20 Richmond Bom Bom Banjo PRE-RACE swelling off side wrist and pastern (possible insect bite) Minor II
24/4/20 Richmond Harlem Heat PRE-RACE swollen off side wrist, late scratching
25/4/20 Bulli Dynamite Davey PRE-RACE was sick en route to track, late scratching
25/4/20 Bulli Despicable Slink PRE-RACE was sick en route to track, late scratching
14/6/20 Wagga Wagga Dit Dat PRE-RACE wound to neck
27/5/20 Grafton Brave Suzy PRE-RACE wound to off side hind