Animal Liberation works to expose the brutal realities of animals used for food, entertainment, fashion, science, companions, and those subjected to management or control programs. Animal Liberation is proud to fight for the rights of all species.


Education breaks down the barriers of misleading information put forward by the food, entertainment, fashion, and companion animal industries.


Animal Liberation lobbies to all levels of government and various industries complicit in animal exploitation, in an attempt to influence legislation and permanently improve the lives of all animals.

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By donating, you are helping Animal Liberation continue the fight for animal rights! Any amount will help us: host educational outreach events, lobby the government to change legislations, and expose the industries that exploit animals.


What We Do...

Animal Liberation lobbies for the rights of all animals to live the life of their choosing, free from human intervention, use and abuse.

"What happens to them, matters to them."

Tom Regan
The Case for Animal Rights (1983)