How Many Chickens Die Every Year?

chicken broiler farm

Every year in Australia, approximately 664 million chickens are killed for human consumption [1]. According to the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, an additional 4% of chickens die due to “natural” causes or are killed prior to slaughter [2].

How many is 4%?

The 664 million chickens equate to 96% of the entire flock. This means an additional 27,670,000 individuals are expected to die every year during the “growing” process. The industry claims these deaths are due to “natural” causes, however, the intensive farming practices are largely responsible for them.

Approximately 90% of chickens are raised on intensive farms. This means that they live in cramped sheds on top of their waste. The build-up of ammonia causes a range of health problems, from respiratory issues to hock burn, bumblefoot, and blisters on their breasts.

In addition to this, the modern-day chicken has been selectively bred to reach a slaughter weight of ~3.6kg in just 7 weeks. Their rapid growth rate and additional body-weight places stress on their muscles, bones, and internal organs. Many suffer from lameness and broken bones, causing them to die from starvation and thirst, as they are unable to walk to the feeders. Others die from heart attacks.

Broiler chicken stuck on back
A broiler chicken stuck on their back.

You can help them!

By purchasing a plant-based alternative, you are helping to break the cycle of suffering and create a kinder world.

Some delicious chicken alternatives are:

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